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  • Frederick L Shelton

How & When to Use the Phrase "Just Google Me"

I'll never forget the first time I said it. I was at a networking function and the General Counsel & Vice President of a potential client called me.

   He was given my name and number by an attorney he met at an AIPLA (intellectual property attorneys) conference.

   "Apparently you're an attorney headhunter like those at  <Recruiting Agency Competitor>?" He asked.    "Not exactly. I'm out and about right now but if you just Google me, you can learn a bit about me and our methodology while we talk."

   I didn't realize what I'd said until I said it. However his enthusiastic response and the ease with which I was able to deliver my bona fides gave me a "Eureka" marketing moment. That phrase added a level of gravitas I might not have otherwise enjoyed. I gained a new client while enjoying the complimentary Glenlivet being served at the function. Not a bad day at the office. 

   "Just Google me."

   If your brand is strong enough in a specific, vertical market, you won't even need to say it.  Most of the people in your market sector will already know who you are.

   However, unless you're Sir Richard Branson, this is not applicable to most people or to people outside your niche. This is also not as easy for those who are in a nascent or intermediate phase of their profession.

   However, if you have a few simple factors going for you, and you can deliver it with the proper finesse, this simple phrase can be very effective during an initial business call. It's also handy if you meet someone at a function and don't have any cards with you.

   A few key factors must be in place:

1. Your SEO must be adequate. If they Google you, you must be the first entry and preferably the

    first several entries listed.

2. You also want to make sure there are no potential landmines. A friend of mine Googled

    himself and he was the second entry. The first entry with his name was a registered sex

    offender in another state. No details or anything to show it wasn't him. So in his case, this 

    could could easily create the opposite of the desired effect!

3. Your name can't be too common or the same as a celebrity. No matter how good your SEO is, 

    if your name happens to be Tom Jones or Tom Brady, this probably not going to work for you.

4. You have to determine whether or not you need to "White Wall" or scrub your Social Media.   

    Are you overtly Liberal or Conservative on Facebook or Twitter? If the second entry that comes

    up under your name is your Facebook or Twitter account, it may be time to scrub your social

     media. Get rid of everything having to do with sex, religion and politics.

     The exception is if your product or service actually benefits from creating a market position

     associated with a political or other position. For example, a gun store or cannabis

     dispensaries might actually benefit from positioning themselves politically.

   If your name and SEO meet the criteria above,  "Just Google me." can be both  fun to say and wonderfully effective in the right settings and situations.

   If you don't believe me, just Google me!

Frederick Shelton

CEO, Shelton & Steele Legal Recruiting & Consulting