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Frederick Shelton has held positions as the CMO of a general practice law firm, Executive Director of a patent boutique, National Director of Legal at a 2,000+ person organization and is now the CEO of Shelton & Steele.


For over 25 years, Frederick has coordinated the lateral moves of associates, partners, groups, and law firm mergers & acquisitions.

He is a recognized expert and published author and SME (Subject Matter Expert) on subjects which include:


Virtual & Hybrid Law Firm Platforms

​Individual Attorney Marketing (IAM)
Branding and Media PR for Attorneys and Firms.

Advanced Interviewing, Hiring & Integration for Traditional & Virtual Platforms

Personality Profiling During Meetings

​Career Management for Attorneys

Law Firm Employee Retention


Mr. Shelton has been published, quoted and interviewed on national talk radio, television, Bloomberg Law, Forbes, Success Magazine, American Lawyer Magazine, Attorney at Law Magazine, Reader's Digest, Byte, LawCrossing, Upjourney, and newspapers which include the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.

He was seconded to a Virtual Law Firm as the Head of Lateral Acquisitions in 2016. Frederick has placed more partners at virtual firms and firms that offer a remote platform, than any recruiter in the United States.

Here is a link to: "The Viable Alternative to BigLaw: Virtual Law" , an Article he wrote for Attorney at Law Magazine in March of 2019.

For AmLaw partners seeking positions at BigLaw, Mr. Shelton identifies and employs one or more of three specific strategies, based on their long-term goals: BigLaw to Better Biglaw, Big Fish to Small Pond, Open a New Market.

The IAM Program

Mr. Shelton is also a highly sought after Rain Making Consultant. His IAM (Individual Attorney Marketing) program is the product of over 20 years of debriefing and interviewing partners with client bases (portable books) ranging from $500K to over $20M.
Mr. Shelton's program offers a very simple guarantee: If you are not absolutely certain you are going to get value that far exceeds the cost of the IAM program, 100% of the program fee is refunded.
No one has ever requested a refund.



Mr. Shelton is a highly sought after motivational speaker and has presented to numerous legal and professional organizations throughout the United States. He has also lectured at the University of San Diego School of Law and the College of Southern Nevada.  Frederick has been a paid business and motivational speaker at legal and other professional conventions for over a decade.
He has also been paid to do stand-up comedy at venues like The Comedy Store in La Jolla and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.


Mr. Shelton was once a homeless teen and was taken off the streets by a complete stranger. Reverend Clinton Jordan or “Slick” as Frederick used to call him, allowed Frederick to live with his family until Frederick was old enough to join the U.S. Navy.


Frederick has never forgotten that kindness and the corporate motto of Shelton & Steele is “All ships rise with the tide. We shall not endeavor to have the largest ship. We are the tide.”  

Frederick volunteers on a regular basis and any Shelton & Steele employee who takes a day off to volunteer is compensated for their time.


Mr. Shelton has also been a regular volunteer at both Nellis and Creech Air Force bases for years, where he teaches those coming out of the military how to research jobs, interview effectively etc.

He has also volunteered at food banks and homeless shelters, and the Shelton’s have had at least one or two “house guests” living with them at a time for years.

These have been men, women and “At-Risk” youth who needed a safe place to stay or a hand up. Not a handout, just a hand up.

Frederick donates a portion of every fee he receives to Help of Southern Nevada (, a non-profit that provides housing and other support services to those in need.


In his spare time, Frederick enjoys playing golf, chess, painting, reading, writing, and the ​​occasional evening playing Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments at casinos on the famous Las Vegas Strip.


Law Firm Mergers

Lateral Partner &
Group Acquisitions


Individual Attorney

Marketing & Branding


Virtual Law Firm

and Remote

Lawyer Platforms


Chief Executive Officer

Temp Attorneys & Paralegals



US AirForce

Transition Assistance Programs

Homeless Shelters

The Turning Point: Poverty Alleviation

Help of Southern Nevada:

Meal Distribution