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Frederick Shelton

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For over 25 years, Frederick has coordinated the lateral moves of associates, partners, groups, and law firm mergers & acquisitions.

Frederick Shelton has held positions as the CMO of a general practice law firm, Executive Director of a patent boutique, National Director of Legal at a 2,000+ person organization and is now the CEO of Shelton & Steele.

Mr. Shelton and his team of recruiters, researchers and analysts provide comprehensive, real-time data to elite business lawyers and firms who are seeking to join or merge with other firms.

He is a recognized expert and published on virtual and hybrid law firms and lawyering, rainmaking, legal tech and AI.

He's been featured on national talk radio, television, Forbes, Success Magazine, Bloomberg Law, American Lawyer Magazine, Attorney at Law Magazine, Reader's Digest, The Chicago Tribune and more.


Frederick is also a Legal Business & Rainmaking Consultant. His programs and strategies come from over 20 years of debriefing partners with significant books of business, as to how they built those books. He has recorded and sorted this data, in order to develop bespoke, individual marketing programs for high-end attorneys.

His guarantee for individual attorney consulting and law firm webinars is simple: If a client isn't absolutely certain they've gotten overwhelming value within the first 30 minutes, the full retainer is refunded, no questions asked.
No one has ever requested a refund.


Mr. Shelton was once a homeless teen until a complete stranger rescued him from the streets and gave Frederick a place to stay until he was old enough to join the U.S. Navy. Frederick has never forgotten that kindness and the corporate motto of Shelton & Steele is:

“All ships rise with the tide. We shall not endeavor to have the largest ship. We will be the tide.”  


Shelton & Steele donates a portion of every dollar received, to homeless shelters, and also donates $5,000 to homeless shelters in the name of anyone who refers a successfully placed attorney(s) or law firm target for acquisition to the firm.


Mr. Shelton has been a regular volunteer at both Nellis and Creech Air Force bases for years, where he teaches those coming out of the military how to research jobs, interview effectively etc.


In his spare time, Frederick enjoys playing USTA league tennis, painting, writing, and has been a paid, standup comedian at venues like The Comedy Store and Mandalay Bay Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

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