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What We Stand For

Since our inception, Shelton & Steele has operated on an attorney-centric foundation. We know that what is best for the attorney, is ultimately what is best for the client.

We Don't Recruit Attorneys, We Represent Them.

       Shelton & Steele is a national legal recruiting and consulting firm that works with attorneys from New York to California and everywhere in between. Our legal recruiters are located in Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C. and San Antonio.

       Most of our clients are New Law Model firms that offer a combination of brick & mortar and virtual work options. These firms are completely transparent when it comes to compensation, highly collaborative and pay two to three times higher than their BigLaw counterparts!

We also work with a select few, truly innovative, diverse and progressive AmLaw firms, as well as boutiques and mid-sized business law firms that do highly sophisticated work that matches scope and complexity of their AmLaw counterparts. 

While the law firms and corporations seeking premium talent pay our fees, the attorneys we represent are our first priority. There is nothing more important that you will voluntarily entrust to a professional, than your career. We must be worthy of that trust.

Our job is to first protect you (or your firm, in the case of law firm mergers) but we’re also here to help you leverage what you have now, into something clearly superior. To that end, our methodology is different and much more comprehensive than other recruiters. The first thing we’ll do is provide an analysis of factors such as demand level for your practice area, pedigree, client base, soft skills, etc.


Then we’ll listen. We need to know exactly what both your short- and long-term objectives are. We’ll help you identify factors or attributes you might not have thought of but would benefit from evaluating. You’re the brand. Our job is to know exactly who you are, what you want and the most effective strategy to present your narrative to the market.

A Guide to Eliminate Unethical Legal Recruiting Practices

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Image by Sabrina

"You and your firm set high ethical standards. When you helped Silverman Acampora merge with Rimon P.C. in October after one year of talks, you and your team were nothing but the consummate professionals. Thank you for all that you have done for us, your integrity, and most of all, your continued friendship and guidance."

Anthony Acampora
Co-Managing Partner

Silverman Acampora

Consulting & Rainmaking Development

Because they know our income is predicated on moving them to a new firm, it often surprises attorneys when we tell them to stay put. The reason we do so is simple: Our assessment of their situation makes clear that staying where they are would be in their best interest.

By making sure we adhere to our core philosophy (The best interest of the candidate will always come first), we receive more referrals and "return candidates" than our competitors.

We've said all of the above and more, on numerous occasions. We've also helped attorneys figure out whether they should go in-house, into the public sector or leave the law altogether, to take a risk on a new business venture.

Moreover, we provide strategic career mapping that enables attorneys to plan months and even years into their current or new positions. For example, if an attorney has the goal to eventually go in-house at a Fortune 500, we offer specifics as to what practice areas and experience to gain, what type of firms or companies would give them the best leverage in the future, and when they should move and how.

We offer a flat fee structure and if our attorney clients aren't sure they are getting their money's worth at any time within the first half hour, we refund the entire amount.


Image by Sabrina

The recruiter I worked with at Shelton & Steele was honest, candid, forthright, savvy, generous with his time, and extremely knowledgeable about the legal marketplace in every possible way. He really took the time to get to know me and my goals. Not only that, but he has continued to provide coaching support long after the transition, to help me get my message out and reach more clients. In fact, what prompted me to write this recommendation is that I just had a call from him with some outstanding marketing suggestions for taking my practice to the next level. 

Partner, Potomac Law Group

Consulting & Rainmakin Development
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