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Legal Recruiting &
Law Firm Acquisitions

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"As one of the first recruiting firms to truly understand new model law firms, Shelton & Steele is ideally suited to identify the right candidates for our firm. The recruiters respect our time - and the candidates' - by thoroughly educating prospects on our business model, culture, and vision before making an introduction. We are thrilled with the high caliber and collaborative lawyers they have placed with our firm. We highly recommend Shelton & Steele."

Chief Operations Officer
Potomac Law Group

People Before Profits. Fewer Clients. Stronger Relationships.


Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Our clients are not our highest priority. This may be surprising to read but in the long run, it actually works out in favor of the client.
We find out what is going to be best for the attorney in both the short and long term. Then, based on what is most likely to offer them the best possible chance for success, we recommend a firm or sometimes two. What that means to your firm is that when you see a candidate from us, it's because everyone involved believes that your firm will be the best possible fit for that attorney. You'll know the attorney didn't have their resume sent to a dozen firms (as was the common practice at our CEO's old firm). It means that years later, the attorney will likely still be with you. By taking this approach, our attrition rate has been unmatched. From 1996 - 2020, only two attorneys weren't where we placed them, two years later. In 2020 that number doubled to 4, largely due to COVID but those were extraordinary circumstances and no one had negative consequences. We invite you to find any other search firm that has a total attrition of 4 attorneys, over the course of more than 26 years.


We don't claim to have every AmLaw firm as a client. We don't claim to work with every small or mid-sized firm in your market. We work with firms that have specific and measurable advantages.

We have less than ten of the AmLaw's as clients and those, are among the most progressive market adapters in their ranks.
Most of our work is done "rescuing" attorneys from AmLaw firms and finding the viable alternative, that would be easy to port clients to, and that offer clear advantages such as rate flexibility, remote options, greater support for their particular practice etc.

We complete a comprehensive Client Intake Form in order to construct the most effective and accurate Client Narratives and Fact Sheets possible. That way, your time is not wasted with candidates who aren't a solid fit or who won't last in the long term.


We are one of the few consulting and search firms with real experience moving groups and coordinating law firm Mergers & Acquisitions. We exchange NDA's, perform initial due diligence, collect financial and other data, identify cultural and "soft-skill" attributes and then provide an Analysis & Recommendations as to whether there might be a potential fit wherein, the sum is greater than the individual components.

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