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Partnering & Charity

In many ways, a business is a platform for change. Companies have the opportunity and potential to do so much more than produce revenue. We feel our fiduciary responsibility is to give back and contribute to our community in more ways than one.

HELP of Southern Nevada’s Shannon West Homeless Youth Center

HELP of Southern Nevada is committed to assisting individuals, families and youth throughout the Valley break down barriers and attain self-sufficiency though direct services, training, and referrals to community services.

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Our Founder & CEO, Frederick Shelton, started out as a homeless teen. Due to a stranger's kindness, Mr. Shelton was given a home and an opportunity to have a life he never dreamed of.

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After Mr. Shelton was saved from homelessness, he served in the US Navy. Understanding the importance of paying it forward, Frederick has continuously volunteered at his local military bases, teaching those who have just returned how to re-integrate in civilian life.

Volunteering at
Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation in southern Nevada. Nellis hosts air combat exercises such as Exercise Red Flag and close air support exercises such as Green Flag-West flown in "Military Operations Area airspace", associated with the nearby Nevada Test and Training Range.

Shelton & Steele Partnering / Charitable Giving Program


Like most modern companies, Shelton & Steele has a partnering program in place. Our program benefits both our partners and their choice of charitable organizations. Our average fees is over $70,000 and a successful merger could result in a fee exceeding $1,000,000.00, so partnering with us for 20% of those fees  can be quite lucrative! It can also make a tremendous impact on your favorite charity!

The Program:

If a member of our partnering program sends us a candidate, group or firm that we successfully place* with one of our clients, we will pay the following partnering program rewards:


Twenty percent (20%) of all fees collected for that placement will be paid to the partnering program member.

Ten percent (10%) of all fees collected, will be paid to their choice of charities with their name in the memo column.

Charities can be local homeless shelters, cancer or other medical research charities such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, animal related charities such as The Human Society, charities that benefit veteran’s and their families, children’s charities and charities that fight human trafficking.  


We are also open to other charities but will not consider paying benefits directly to churches, religious or political organizations. We also ask that the charity be one that the referring partner will receive direct compensation as a result of the donation.

If you would like to partner with us and help both yourself and your favorite charity, please send an email to and we’ll send you the usual paperwork. We look forward to working together!


*Successful placements are when an attorney, group or firm joins one of our clients, we are paid as agreed and if there is a guarantee period (rare for us), that guarantee period has passed without having to issue a refund (we have issued one partial , one time since 1996).

All Ships Rise with the Tide

 At Shelton & Steele, we believe in the ideal of the Corporate Conscience. To that end, we give back to our community. In addition to feeding hundreds of homeless people out of the back of Mr. Shelton's SUV every month, we also host fundraisers and volunteer at numerous places including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, teen crisis centers, food banks, the Music Forward Foundation and both Creech and Nellis Air Force Bases.

If you would like Mr. Shelton or members of our firm to come to your (non-profit, non-political) organization, please contact us. We have a variety of programs that range from teaching interviewing skills to overcoming homelessness, to core success skills for teens.

Additionally, our policy for referrals is as follows:

If you send us an attorney whom we successfully place, we will make a check out to the homeless shelter of your choice. For partner referrals, it's $5,000 and for associates, it's $2,500. We have had attorneys with overwhelming student debt ask that the check be made out to them and we're also fine with that.


The conditions are simple:

We need to place that attorney with our client.
We must be paid our fee!

The guarantee period for a refund must have expired.

It's that simple.​

HELP of Southern Nevada’s Shannon West Homeless Youth Center (SWHYC) provides services for at-risk youth, age 16-24, that are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.  SWHYC provides safe and stable housing, basic needs/food, intensive case management, person centered case plan, housing stability plan, education assistance, employment assistance, assistance in transitioning to own apartment, addiction and mental health services, health and wellness, financial literacy, activities of daily living and supportive services. At capacity SWHYC can house 150 youth.

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