Shelton & Steele

Shelton & Steele is a national legal recruiting and consulting firm. Our guiding principle can be summed up in three words: People Before Profits. Simply put, this means that although our client firms and corporations compensate us for the lawyers we bring to them, the best interests of the individual attorney will always be our priority. While we work a few of the most progressive and diversity conscious AmLaw 200 law firms, our focus is on NewLaw, Virtual Law Firms, Boutiques, ASLP’s and other alternatives to BigLaw.

Our ”Street Smart Legal Marketing” practice focuses on a very specific and narrow niche: We help high-end attorneys become Rainmakers. Our techniques and strategies come straight from the Rainmakers we’ve placed over the course of 25 years and we offer a full refund guarantee.

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Washington DC:  202-800-8700


Legal Business & Marketing Consulting

Law Firm Mergers & Lateral Acquisitions