Cutting Edges

Change is Coming

Change is coming to the practice of law. If you don't think this is the case, you're not listening to clients. We work only with those clients who are adapting to a legal market that is rapidly evolving.
Spin-offs, Boutiques, Virtual Firms and Hybrids. We are experts at helping them implement strategies for growth and landing them premium talent.

Trust that is earned

We prioritize people over profits.
At Shelton & Steele, we place our focus on the best interest of the candidate. The result of this is that since 1994, we've only had one attorney who wasn't with our client 18 months later. While the industry average is just over 60%, our retention success rate is over 98%.

Thus by focusing on the candidate, our clients benefit in the long term.

Shelton & Steele


Real-Time Data

Unless there are clearly identifiable advantages to a move, you shouldn't make it. 

We never recommend an attorney consider a move, without being able to define precisely why such a move would be to their advantage. Factors such as compensation, rate flexibility, footprint or platform are all presented in depth and in detail. Fro there, the attorney can make an informed choice as to whether an opportunity is worthy of their consideration.


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Shelton & Steele is a legal search firm that works exclusively Alternative Platform Legal Entities (APLE's) and Boutiques. We are the mirror to firms that are cutting the edges.