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Shelton & Steele

 1. Attorneys Seeking to Increase Their Client Base or "Portable Book". Whether at an AmLaw or small firm, our expertise at bringing in clients is guaranteed.

2. The Best of the New Market Disruptors . We have interviewed over 150 potential clients Spinoffs, boutiques, Alternative Model Firms etc. We have thus far, accepted only four AMF's and two boutiques as clients.

3. The Most Progressive AmLaw's. We used to have contracts with over 70 of the AmLaw 200. We have declined to renew with less than ten of them. The firms we work with have clear advantages over their competitors in very specific and definable terms.

Street Smart Consulting. We help firms and attorneys with everything from individual business development to enterprise restructuring.

Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions

Lateral Groups & Attorneys. We have focused on lateral talent acquisitions since 1993. Our network is both broad and very deep.

Street Smart

Law Blog:

"A Lawyer is Not a Pet Shop! The Street Smart Guide to Legal Marketing Consultants" 

Frederick Shelton

Attorney at Law Magazine

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Who We Represent

1. We Prioritize People Over Profits. The most valuable careers imaginable are entrusted to us. We take that trust very seriously. We earn it.

2. We Have a Social Conscience

We donate money to charity out of every dollar received. We take time off every month to volunteer for worthy causes. We do everything we can to make sure our success, is not ours alone.
All ships rise with the tide.

What We Do

Our Philosophy

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