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Shelton & Steele

Change is Coming

1. We Prioritize People Over Profits

Our consulting practice provides top to bottom enterprise architecture for individual attorneys and small to medium sized firms. 
We offer immediately applicable business & marketing  strategies and specific techniques for bringing in clients.
This includes a comprehensive and detailed analysis of current data usage, software, client assessments, business practices, and client development  procedures. 

Our proven approach for customizing and implementing the most effective methodology is so effective, we guarantee it.
If within 30 minutes you're not absolutely certain you've made the best possible investment, we refund your retainer. 
Search & Mergers
At Shelton & Steele, we put the best interest of the attorney(s) first. We would rather tell an attorney to stay put, than put a commission ahead the incredibly valuable careers that are entrusted to us.

We provide candidates with real time data that includes both positives and negatives of potential opportunities, counsel and insights from 24 years of working nationally and a road map of firms that should be avoided.

The result is that in our 24 years in business, we've only had one attorney who wasn't at our client firm two years later.


2. We Have a Social Conscience

We donate money to charity out of every dollar received. We take time off every month to volunteer for worthy causes. We do everything we can to make sure our success, is not ours alone.
All ships rise with the tide.

What We Do

Street Smart Consulting

Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions

Lateral Groups & Attorneys

We have consultants whose experience include:
​Chief Marketing Director of General Practice Firm

Global Director of Marketing & Digital Media for a Fortune 100.

Director of Data Analytics ("Big Data") for one of the largest casinos in the world.

Executive Director of Intellectual Property Boutique.

​Chief Technology Officer for a national insurance company.

​National Director of the Legal Division of a national employment agency with over 5,000 employees.
Our "Street Smart Consulting" programs focus on bringing in clients for individual attorneys, as well as small to medium sized firms.

We also offer sophisticated, affordable and easy to implement programs that will allow firms to use the latest tech, in order to market their firms, increase cross-selling and identify KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) which are often overlooked or assumed too expensive.
We offer practical, immediately applicable techniques, solutions and strategies for those seeking to take their practice or firm to the next level.

We also have over 20 years of identifying and coordinating the lateral acquisition of premium talent and business opportunities. 

Street Smart

Law Blog:

Our Philosophy

Corporate Darwinism Has Arrived.

The practice of law is undergoing sweeping changes for the first time in decades.
The most significant differences are that the changes are driven by clients, technology and the Virtual Practice Space.
New breeds of competitors have arrived and they are already taking market share. Cases and deals in the hundreds of millions, are slipping through the fingers of BigLaw and MidLaw.
Our expertise is in working with the spinoffs, boutiques and most importantly, APF's (Alternative Platform Firms) that are rapidly moving from innovators to Mass Market Movers. We also work with a very few of the most progressive AmLaw's.
If you're not aware of how rapidly things are changing, we should talk. Because you should be.