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Microsoft Will Boldly Go Where No Keyboard Has Gone Before: AI

Microsoft will boldly go where no tech giant has gone before: They’re adding an AI button to Windows PC keyboards. This pioneering move, akin to a Starfleet mission into uncharted space, brings the power of Microsoft's Copilot AI, to the fingertips of Earth's digital explorers.

This development has sent a wave of excitement across the tech sector's galaxy because anyone with foresight (like yours truly) can see it’s only the beginning.

I can easily see AI buttons becoming the norm on all computers, tablets and phones. Starting in late February, Windows 11 PCs will be equipped with this new Copilot key, a revelation made by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer.

This key is more than an additional button; it's akin to a warp drive for productivity, propelling users into a new realm of AI-enhanced computing efficiency. As most of you know, Microsoft's journey into the AI frontier is not a new endeavor. The company has invested over ten billion dollars into OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT) to utilize their technology in Bing, Windows, and Office 365. This integration has Microsoft launching its tech starship into the AI Space for others to follow. And rest assured, they will.

Shelton’s Crystal Ball: The Next Generation Approaches

When this (anti) Boomer grew up, the idea of mobile computers, phones and now smart glasses, was the stuff of science fiction (and accurately predicted by Star Trek, btw!). But Millennials grew up with devices that could do even more than was predicted by the clairvoyant Gene Roddenberry. Thus it will be with the Next Generation. They will grow up being as adept with AI as Millennials are with apps. To give you an idea of how significant that will be, imagine this dialogue being both accurate and normal, 10 years from now: Juan: Hi Honey, how was your day? Susan: Oh pretty nice. I did some shopping, stopped by to see the kids and on the way home, me and Esmeralda (her AI Bot) figured out to use recombinant immunotherapeutics to cure melanoma. I love not having to actually hold or touch anything to compute, nowadays. Juan: Oh. Well that's nice. I made another action movie over lunch. And yes, I used my tablet - don't laugh at me! Old habits die hard! Anyway, the movie's kind of a Star Trek meets The Godfather plot and I used a combination of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Lee as the lead character, with a Beyonce / Taylor Swift mix as his love interest. You should see how gorgeous she turned out! Want to watch it? Susan: Sure! Let me send my research off to MIT first. Hold on people, it’s going to be a wild ride!


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