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Darnell Ford is a determined and goal-oriented young man whose experience at Walmart and McDonald's, demonstrated a strong work ethic, as well as the ability to withstand the recent masses of rude and obnoxious people who seem to love giving the Working Class a hard time, nowadays.
Thus, Mr. Shelton deemed him well-prepared to deal with attorneys!
Darnell is a full-time student working toward his degree in business management, as well as interning at Shelton & Steele, where he'll learn things that will actually prove useful, after he graduates.

He has been assigned and completed the most boring, mundane tasks imaginable (paying dues as an intern!) and has also gained valuable experience in website design and content creation, business psychology fundraising for charity, and more.

Mr's Shelton and Dodd are both committed to mentoring Darnell for success after graduation.

Off the Clock:

Darnell is an avid fitness enthusiast and advocate for holistic well-being and mental health. He enjoys nurturing green spaces through gardening. After work and school, he loves spending time with his friends and also his pet dragon (okay, it might be a Maltese Poodle mix...)

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