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AI: In a Surprising Move, The Government Did Something Right!

Psst. The government did something right. Again. That’s right. You heard me correctly. In a move that's as surprising as finding a politician who’s willing to compromise with the other side, for the good of the nation, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland has actually done something proactive! In an unprecedented leap into the 21st century, the Justice Department has crowned Jonathan Mayer as its very first Chief Science and Technology Advisor and Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer.

Enter Mayer (not the singer) the new tech whisperer for the Justice Department. With a resume that screams "I might just fix this," Mayer is set to tackle the digital dragons of cybersecurity, AI, and other tech beasts that usually have bureaucrats scratching their heads and nodding as if they understand the subject matter. His mission? To ensure the Department doesn't just keep pace with technology but actually gets ahead of it. Shocking, I know.

But wait, there's more. Mayer isn't just there to play tech support; he's also heading the newly minted Emerging Technology Board. Think of it as the Justice League, but instead of superheroes, it's filled with tech gurus and policy wonks. Their mission: to navigate the murky waters of modern technology without capsizing the governmental ship.

And just when you thought this couldn't get any more Hollywood, consider Mayer's day job: an assistant professor at Princeton, dabbling in the dark arts of technology, policy, and law. With a Ph.D. from Stanford and a J.D. to boot, he's not your average academic. He's the guy you call when you want to ensure the future isn’t turned over to Skynet.

So okay. This is twice in three months I’ve felt like our government has done something right, when it comes to AI. Will wonders never cease?


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