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10 Essential Resources for Female Entrepreneurs & Attorneys Thinking of Starting Their Own Firm

As a female, navigating the world of entrepreneurship can be much more of a challenge than it would be if you were male. However, women make excellent entrepreneurs — and your gender shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your dreams of starting a small business and working for yourself. These tips will help you to get ahead in a male-dominated world, obtain the financial assistance you need to fund your business idea, and thrive as a female entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner.

Getting Ahead as a Female Entrepreneur

While it’s true that most female entrepreneurs and small business owners are faced with more challenges than their male counterparts, it’s still very possible for women to get ahead in a male-dominated world.

● Look for tips on starting a business as a woman if you’re preparing to delve into the world of entrepreneurship.

● Explore some of the challenges that female business owners face, and get solutions for handling them.

● Instead of competing against other female entrepreneurs, FastCompany recommends lifting one another up, sharing career advice, and building a strong community of women business owners.

● In the time of COVID-19, you may need to change your marketing strategies.

● Registering as a Nevada LLC can bring tax advantages and limit your paperwork.

Financial Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

Whether your women-owned small business is struggling to stay afloat amidst COVID-19 or you’re getting ready to launch a business for the first time, several types of financial assistance are available to female business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

● Check out the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) resources for women entrepreneurs. Then, connect with organizations like the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

● Explore some of the types of financial assistance that may be available to you during the pandemic.

Additional Resources

In addition to the tips above, these three resources will help you to pitch your business idea with confidence, land new customers and clients, and get certified as a woman-owned business.

How to Effectively Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors

12 Female Freelancers Share How to Get Dream Clients

How to Become a Certified Woman-Owned Business

Navigating the world as a female entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer can be challenging at times, but this shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your career goals. With these nine resources to guide you along the way, you’ll have everything you need to succeed as a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world!

Julie Morris

Guest Contributor

Life and Career Coach