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  • Frederick L Shelton

Marketing in the COVID-19 era

Let's be clear: Marketing and public relations professionals need to change their strategies and even their thinking, in order to adapt to the COVID Era.

According to an international survey by Marketing Week and EConsultancy, more than half of marketers (55%) are delaying campaigns or have put them under review, as fears escalate over the global coronavirus outbreak; and around 70% anticipate that customers will defer decisions of major purchases.

However, with much of the population staying indoors, more than 70% of marketers predict that there will be an increase in activity on social channels and the use of online services.

In times of crisis, marketing communication is the most strategic tool you can have.

Content Marketing:

Communicating and interacting with your audience can remain uninterrupted, no matter what the situation is. The key is to have a content marketing strategy that is both contemporary and effective.

a holistic approach based on a wide range of tactics such as email, social media, SEO, and paid media to continue engagement with customers; There is an opportunity for brands to take advantage to reach an audience that will be at home, consuming content and searching the media and brands for positive messages in this time of crisis.

Digital PR:

Continue sharing valuable content, in different multimedia formats to maintain interaction and relationship with the brand. In addition to reinforcing the loyalty of current customers through continuous relationships with organic micro-influencers from their niche markets, media and journalists who use social networks, and bloggers, in order to introduce the brand to a network of potential customers and future promoters.

Maintain SEO tactics

With so much of our time spent staying at home, people have more time than to browse the web, so a good idea would be to continue investing in SEO tactics to bump yourself up on the search results. Search engine optimization efforts generate leads and sales because the consumer remains connected to the brand when they are looking for products or services that help them meet their needs.

Updating valuable content

"Refresh" old content. Much of a brand's existing content can be very beneficial with just a small update. Update data and references, review SEO optimization - add new keywords and adjust backlinks - change titles and subtitles, etc. With this, you take full advantage of great content, all over again.

Digital Events

As more events are postponed or canceled, brands must adapt their previous plans to turn them into digital events that increase awareness and engagement. In such a way that they extend the brand experience beyond it being within the traditional four walls. We are facing a new challenge that sheds light on the importance of relying on strategies outside of traditional channels.

These times are crucial for companies to strengthen and position their marketing and public relations strategies to continue driving their visibility.