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1 Minute Health Hack for Lawyers & Professionals: Fix Your Back! Part 1

BACK PROBLEMS? Not anymore!

I used to go play tennis and when I was done, I would get out of the car and walk hunched over like an 80 year old man. It affected my tennis game and literally every other physical activity I engaged in. It also affected my professional life because I couldn't even sit at a desk for an hour or more, without pain.

I knew chiropractic care would help but it was expensive. Not anymore. Enter, The Joint Chiropractic. This is a national chain that offers chiropractic care at a cost of $80 BUCKS for FOUR VISITS A MONTH!

That's $20 bucks a visit. and if you go more than four times? It's only $10 bucks per extra visit (which I do, once in a while). Seriously, if you have any back issues at all, and you won't spend $20 bucks a week on back health, you're an idiot. I go once a week and have the posture and back health of a man 20 years my junior. You should too! Quick Note: Not all chiropractors are the same. The two in the photo (yes they're real doctors, not models) have exceptional technique. When you get adjusted, it should be firm and crisp. Avoid "jackhammers" who seem determined to push your spine through your stomach! Also avoid "marshmallows" whose adjustments are so weak, they don't get the job done. You'll feel and hear a good adjustment move your neck, back, legs etc., without any pain or discomfort. I guarantee if you see a chiropractor every week, you'll feel better.

It doesn't matter if you're a seven figure rainmaker Health is the First Wealth.

Frederick Shelton is the CEO of Shelton & Steele. In 2023, he competed in four state tennis championships and one national championship, which led to his being moved up in rating level for the first time since joining the United States Tennis Association. That was at the age of 61.


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