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  • Alex Torres

Top 5 Reasons Attorneys Should Include Testimonials Anywhere They Have an Online Presence

Types of Social Proof

Although we will only talk about testimonials in this post, it never hurts to know that there are more types of social proof:

- Testimonials: Perhaps the most powerful type of social proof. Even better if they’re video testimonials

- Press appearances: If you have made the news for something positive, you can include it on your website or LinkedIn. If you directly link to it or include a video it will give even more confidence.

- Important companies you have worked with: If you have worked or collaborated with Pepsi, it would be absurd for you to hide it. Show the world those top customers.

- Statistics: Help yourself with statistics to convince the potential client that they should go with you and not from the competition.

- Awards: If you have received an award, putting it on your firm bio or LinkedIn is mandatory.

Reasons Why You Should Include Testimonials

The main objective of this article is to let you know the importance of testimonials. Here are 5 of the main reasons.

- Testimonials can be placed where it matters

Building your own testimonials for your website allows you to use them strategically, unlike the testimonials you can get from reviews on LinkedIn or Google.

- You generate trust and credibility in your potential client

The difference in trust we place in an attorney that has reviews compared to another that does not have any is monumental. And also the difference between an attorney with good reviews and another with great reviews.

- You differentiate yourself from the competition

Most attorneys have not yet realized the importance of testimonials to sell. If you start using them yourself, you will put yourself ahead of much of your competition. And you know, between an attorney with testimonials and another without them, the client trusts the one that has them more.

- You show authority

If someone looks at your bio or LinkedIn and sees that you have worked with many companies similar to them that are happy with the work you have done, they will automatically have a much better image of you than before.

- Your potential client feels identified

Through testimonials, your potential client will feel identified because they see you are doing similar work for other companies in their sector. So they are much more likely to go with you than other attorneys.

Video Testimonials are King

If you have a client with whom you get along very well and who you know is very happy with your work, ask them to record a video explaining what it has been like to work with you.

Also, the less you edit the video, the better. The more homemade, the better. Otherwise, you can make your testimonial seem fake or untrustworthy.