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  • Frederick L Shelton

Success is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Success is a Marathon, Not a Sprint You can't build muscle by working out for a week.

You can't become a great parent by interacting with your kid for a month.

And you can't become great in your profession by doing the things that create success for a short period of time.

Work. Study. Think & Innovate.

Pretty much everyone works. Maybe not smart but they work. Doctors, Lawyers and other high-end professionals study. They study the latest procedures, changes in the law etc. I study the legal profession every day (I own a legal recruiting firm) for 30+ minutes in the morning. I know what's going on in the industry, what firms are in trouble, what industry trends are taking place and so on. Anyone talking to me, knows I'm an expert in my field - which is why I get quoted in Forbes etc.

I also spend 30+ minutes every day, thinking and innovating. Very few people do that, in any profession. Those who do, are called innovators and entrepreneurs. How much time to you dedicate to spend thinking

"How could we do this differently and better than anyone else?"

"What could we be doing that would make us more money, that we're not doing now?" "What changes can I predict (LOTS due to COVID!) and what can I do to be ahead of everyone else, when those changes come?"

And you can't try this for a day, a week or a month. Everyone can do things for a short period of time. Successful people remember: It's a marathon, not a sprint. Do these things consistently and over the long haul, and you will become successful. #success #leadership #entrepreneur