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  • Writer's pictureFrederick L Shelton Crafting Canvas in the Cloud – for Free!

Ah, the age-old allure of art, juxtaposed with the pulsating power of cutting-edge tech – now there’s a combination I can get behind! Behold!, a digital playground that’s rewriting the rules of artistic creation -and without the cost of Stable Diffusion, MidJourney and others.

From the very first click, it's evident – we're not in Kansas anymore. Named after the illustrious Leonardo da Vinci, this platform isn't just about splashy images; it’s a gateway to a realm where pixels dance and colors come alive. Not only does it generate images but it allows you to alter and edit them with an on-site canvas and re-prompting tool. For example, I’m working on an article about the documented bias, which is inherent in AI. With a bit of prompting, I received 4 images (you can ask for up to eight) of a diverse lawyer on one side of the scales of justice and an AI robot on the other. I picked the one featured here.

1. The Price of Perfection – or Lack Thereof: In a world where the finest things often come with hefty price tags, beguiles. Offering its basic features gratis, it ensures even the casual creator isn't left behind. Who said you can't get quality on a shoestring budget? Leonardo gives you 150 credits per day, which equates to about 5 sets of image generations & editing per day. More than enough, if you’re not working in the marketing department. For ten bucks, you’ll get thousands of images per month and for fifty bucks, a multiple of that. So there’s something for everyone.

2. An Array of Artistic Avenues: The versatility of is staggering. Whether you have a penchant the surreal or pine for the soothing strokes of impressionism, this platform has you covered. The smorgasbord of styles means there’s always something to tickle your fancy.

3. A Reservoir of Resources: For those diving deeper into the artistic abyss, doesn’t skimp on the tools. From a plethora of preloaded images to a treasure trove of textual options, the platform is a canvas waiting for your creativity.

4. Seamless in Its Symphony: The interface? Intuitive. The design? Divine. Even the most technophobic of artists will find themselves navigating’s digital domain with ease.

5. High-Def, High Delight: Pixelated pictures are passé. With, every creation is a crisp vision, every image an immaculate incarnation.

The Verdict: This is perfect platform for everyone from solo’s and beginners who don’t need to produce high volumes of image content, to marketing maestro’s who will marvel at its mountain of capabilities. I will definitely be using it for presentation stacks (okay, my admin will. But you know…)

In the words of the great da Vinci himself, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." With tools like, perhaps those who would abandon the attempt at image generation might make another attempt. It would not be time wasted.


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