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Chat GPT has a new memory feature that basically just wiped out an entire chapter of the book I was writing (this has happened a LOT). No more training your bot in long threads that you need to refer or go back to. Just tell it what to remember. Here's how:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Personalization

3. Turn on Memory

4. Tell Chat What You Want it to Remember

For example, I own an executive search firm. When we submit candidates to our clients, it's very important for our clients to know about the candidate, their motives etc. So I uploaded a few (redacted) examples of the "Notes" section of our candidate profile, to Chat and told it to analyze and comment on my writing style. It did and as always, offered suggestions for improvement. Chat will virtually always do that. I then prompted it to "Please ignore your suggestions and focus solely on memorizing my writing style." it did so and provided a final analysis. Of course, Human Eyes Failsafe is always the last step, so I modified Chats final analysis just a bit, re-entered it and told it to memorize that. I took a look in the Memory settings and confirmed it has now memorized my writing style. Finally, I entered a few (redacted) Notes from previous candidates that my recruiters took, asked it to rewrite them in my style and voila'! It did so. You can do this with your style of writing blogs, memoranda, emails and virtually anything else. Easy enough and a great add-on to Chat GPT!

Frederick Shelton is the CEO of Shelton & Steele, a national legal recruiting and consulting firm. He can be reached at


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