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Google's New Gunslinger in the AI Frontier: Gemini

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Gather 'round, folks, as we spin a yarn about the digital Wild West, where Google’s Bard was nothing more than a sheepherder and Chat GPT was the sheriff. Not anymore.

Google has brought in a new gunslinger by the name of Gemini – and Gemini seems to be faster on the horse, better with a lasso and quicker on the draw, than Chat GPT. As I’ve predicted for months, there may well be a new AI Sheriff in town!

The Dawn of the AI Gold Rush  I predicted a new type of AI would be a game-changer for the profession of law (and everything else!) since 2019. But COVID and other factors gave me nothing but a desert until 2022.

Then came Chat GPT, which shined like an AI spring on the landscape and now that we’ve had a year, I’ve discussed, interviewed and written about over 40 AI platforms – and that’s only the ones that are specifically designed for lawyers.

Now we in the full bloom of a vibrant AI spring, the newest and most captivating desert flower is Google's Gemini. This AI isn't just another workhorse in the stable; it's a thoroughbred, galloping with a prowess that transcends the written word. Gemini's capabilities extend to the dynamic realms of audio, video, and images, making it a veritable Swiss Army knife of digital intelligence.

Imagine an AI that can not only read a transcript but listen to a symphony and understand each note's emotion and complexity. Gemini can analyze audio files, distinguishing subtle nuances in tone, pitch, and rhythm, much like a seasoned musician discerning the layers in a complex orchestral piece. It's not just about recognizing words; it's about understanding the symphony of human communication in its many forms.

In the realm of video, Gemini is like a seasoned director with an eye for detail. It doesn't just watch a video; it interprets it. From the subtle expressions of actors in a film to the intricate dance of a nature documentary, Gemini can analyze and understand the visual storytelling elements, offering insights that go beyond the surface.

And when it comes to images, Gemini isn't just looking at pixels; it's perceiving the stories they tell. It can examine a painting and understand its historical context, the artist's likely emotions, and the techniques used. It can look at a medical image and assist in identifying patterns that might escape the human eye. This AI can analyze satellite imagery to track environmental changes or urban development, offering a bird's eye view with a depth of understanding that's truly groundbreaking.

In essence, Google's Gemini is not just processing data; it's interpreting the rich tapestry of human experience across audio, video, and images, making it a multifaceted AI powerhouse in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


In Conclusion: The Saga of the AI Frontier 

Saddle up partners, this is just the beginning of what is going to be a wild ride. I guarantee we’ll see more and more Generative AI platforms that are going to continue accelerating their capabilities exponentially. For lawyers, especially younger ones, learning about - and how to use GenAI is not an option. The luxury of procrastination is not one you have. Learn it yourself, hire a consultant to teach it to you or find yourself in the dust on Main St. face down, because you were too slow on the draw.

Frederick Shelton is the CEO of Shelton & Steele, a national legal recruiting, M&A and rainmaking & Ai consulting firm. He can be reached at


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