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  • Frederick L Shelton

Don't Be a Deer in the COVID-19 Headlights

I'm a member of several FB groups that have little or nothing to do with what I do. I'm a psychologist by nature and a profiler as part of my profession.

The reason I'm in the Las Vegas Realtor Group is to observe and evaluate the GroupThink. Same with public speaking groups and marketing groups - although those are at least connected to what I do.

We are now in a predatory environment and many of the most badly wounded members of the herd are standing still. They're not seeking cover. They're not grouping up with the stronger members. They're frozen.

Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed. You don't have that luxury.

There's a recruiter here in Vegas that specialized in Casinos, Resorts and Hospitality. She lost every contract she had in March. When I offered to teach her how to pivot to legal recruiting, she said she was just going to "wait until things turn around". Things aren't going to turn around for her.

Real estate agents are going to "wait until all those pent-up buyers are finally let loose". With 20% unemployment and six months of back rent or mortgage payments looming overhead, there isn't going to be a tidal wave of pent up buyers. At least not ones who are qualified and capable of buying.

I've offered the suggestion that public speakers pivot to become experts at webinars. They're waiting for the good ol days to come back.

Don't be a deer in the headlights. Evaluate your market position. If you're an attorney or other high-end attorney, recruiter, consultant etc. the question to ask yourself is this:

Are the services you provide SO valuable in the COVID and Post-COVID era's that people will pay you for them?

If not, you need to pivot. Period. In many industries and professions, the Supply vs Demand ratio is so disproportionate that clients aren't going to pay the previously normal fees for a decade or more. It's time to rebrand and latch onto someone with a strong brand in a high-demand area.

For example, I could easily keep busy, 20 full time attorneys who specialize in cybersecurity. The demand has skyrocketed.

It's time to evaluate your market position and rebrand, connect to a brand or if your fortunate, invest heavily in forwarding your brand.

Frederick Shelton, CEO

Shelton & Steele

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