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ChatGPT Is No Longer Limited by Pre-2021 Knowledge! Now it has All New Limitations!

Reprinted from the “Shelton Shares” Column in Attorney at Law Magazine

Earlier this June, OpenAI revealed a significant revamp to its generative AI, ChatGPT. The platform now packs the power to scour the web, and consequently, break the pre-2021 knowledge barrier that previously limited it. This is, without a doubt, a massive leap forward, one that will soon have competitors following suit. But let’s not roll out the red carpet just yet, for the limitations of ChatGPT haven’t been vanquished. Rather, they’ve merely swapped faces.

Show Me the Money!

The first barrier that greets us is an understandable one: the paywall. Unless you’re ready to shell out $20 a month for Chat 4, you’ll be denied the pass to the internet and all post-2021 knowledge. But seriously, if you can’t afford twenty bucks a month for the biggest tech breakthrough in this century, you’re not lawyering very well.

Bing – Yeah, Really!

Yes, you read it right! OpenAI’s browsing partner is Bing, Microsoft’s answer to Google. Considering Microsoft’s sizable investment ($10B!) in OpenAI, this isn’t entirely surprising. However, it brings along its own set of complications. Bing’s known bias in searches and its preference for Microsoft-related results could potentially color the information generated by ChatGPT. Worse still, a Stanford University Study highlights Bing’s proclivity to churn out “an alarming amount of disinformation.”

Irony is alive and well, it seems: OpenAI seeks to overcome its biases and inaccuracy issue by allying with a search engine that’s been found to have … biases and inaccuracy.

Shelton’s Crystal Ball: I foresee ChatGPT extending its web browsing capabilities to all devices within the next few months. Microsoft is bound to ramp up efforts to fine-tune Bing and reduce its biases – although some bias will undoubtedly persist. MS will also launch a massive PR campaign to improve the Bing brand.

Meanwhile, rival platforms like Google’s Bard will seize the opportunity to enhance their offerings, banking on their up-to-the-minute data and a more neutral browsing setup to capture AI Market Share.

Frederick Shelton is the CEO of Shelton & Steele and provides Rainmaking & Legal-Specific AI Consulting to lawyers and law firms. He can be reached at


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