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  • Frederick L Shelton

A Summer Must-Read for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Looking for a great read this summer? Look no further than Three Feet to the Left: A New Captain’s Journey From Pursuit to Perspective” by Korry Franke.

The book details the leadership, personal, and professional growth journey of the youngest Captain at United Airlines. The overarching theme of the book is that life truly is a journey made richer and more fulfilling by both the planned and the unplanned, the goods and the bads. There is opportunity in challenging seasons and it’s up to the individual to find it.

Korry details the challenge of effectively leading on the flight deck as United’s then-youngest captain while flying with many first officers (co-pilots) who were older, more experienced, and who had recently returned from a years-long furlough. Given the critical nature of maintaining a high-functioning crew environment, how would he earn the trust of these pilots? How would he engage them and channel their experiences without ceding control?

The book helped me rethink how I mentor my direct reports, manage both up and down the org chart, and how to channel my experience toward peers of every age.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is a watershed event that’s created and will continue to create change we all will need to manage through. Korry’s book is an excellent guide for leaders during these trying times.

Get your copy of "Three Feet to the Left: A New Captain’s Journey From Pursuit to Perspective” from Amazon here.