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  • Frederick L Shelton

30 Second Master Key to Success in Any Business

We train our people on how to build, manage and maintain a High Value Network. The litmus test for whether you've got the right kind of relationships with your clients and your network is simple:

If you can call the CEO of 20+ clients and leave a voice mail that says

"Hey it's Frederick. I've got something worth discussion."

And they will know who called, what you do and why your call is worth returning, then you're doing things right.

It's that simple. Even when I don't have something specific to discuss, I still call or send a very personal email. I may know or have business dealings with thousands of people but I maintain a network of exactly 100 people. Clients, attorneys, executives, entrepreneurs and more, will know who to call and why, if I leave the voicemail above. No last name or phone number needed.

Of course, I've worked hard to develop a system that accomplishes this for me. Maybe you have system of your own or maybe you don't. If this concept is foreign to you, start with just ten or twenty people. Whatever you can manage. Few things are more valuable in business than a High Value Network.

Frederick Shelton

CEO, Shelton & Steele