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15 Health Apps for Busy & Stressed Attorneys During COVID

Health apps are a great way to monitor and improve your health whether you’re

working remotely or from an office. The COVID Era has the majority of the population experiencing more stress than at any time in their lifetimes. This is especially true when it comes to both consumer and business lawyers, who have among the most stressful jobs in the world.

One can only imagine the stress associated with knowing that a mistake on your part, could end a billion dollar merger – or put the life of a child in a custody battle, into the wrong parent’s hands. Most people don’t appreciate the stress that assaults lawyers in all practice areas on a daily basis.

Stress weakens the immune system and makes it harder to fight off disease. Taking care of your health should rank as a priority during normal time - and all the more so. during a Black Swan Event, such as the COVID Era.

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for attorneys to monitor and manage their health habits. The solution? Health apps. Health apps are convenient and so simple and user friendly, that seniors are one of the largest demographics taking advantage of them. Seniors are not known for their acumen with apps.

According to a Study by the American Bar Association, attorneys have higher alcoholism, substance abuse and mental health issues, than virtually every other high level profession. This only serves to validate how much “higher the odds” are in the life of an attorney, as compared to many other professions. This is why it is critical for attorneys to have healthy outlets that enable them to decompress, so they don’t compromise their health or experience burnout, while working remotely.

Let’s talk about Health Apps for Attorneys.

How Do Health Apps Work?

Health apps can be downloaded on smartphones. They work by using sophisticated accelerometer chips that monitor your every move.

Your movement sends information to the chips which talk to the apps. The app relies on what the chips say to give helpful information back to you. As a result, you’ll get all kinds of data about your habits when it comes to reading, relaxing, drinking and partying, exercising, video games and even sleeping patterns.

Think of it as having a personal trainer who will never judge you for eating four donuts. She doesn’t care how many donuts you ate. She just wants you to know you ate them.

This kind of objective and honest feedback lets you get an honest look at your lifestyle, in a safe place. And it’s just possible, that if you look at what you do every day, you might think of one thing you could improve upon. Anything that is observed, is changed.

Are Health Apps Accurate?

Health apps can vary in their ability to accurately track your health. The best way to benefit from any app is to keep your phone on your body as you go through your day.

Not doing so will prevent your app from accessing important information about your movements. Without an accurate picture of your activity, your app’s hands will be tied.

It won’t send you reliable reports about your lifestyle choices. Avoid this issue by keeping your phone on you.

Best Health Apps

Attorneys sit for long periods without taking breaks. As a result, they often experience neck, back, and shoulder pain.

If you need to reduce muscle stiffness, release pain, and improve flexibility, then these apps will help you with those concerns.

Break Time

You probably know you should take more breaks. But perhaps you immerse yourself in your work so well that before you know it, an hour or two has flown by and you haven’t budged an inch.

Break Time will help you take breaks by sending you alerts. It tells you to stop and get up. You can control when you receive the alerts and change the length and time of your breaks.

$4.99 and compatible with iOS and Android.

Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training

Sitting for hours at your desk can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. This stretching app helps you release tension by giving you a brief exercise to perform.

Each one takes roughly three to four minutes to execute. It’s a fantastic app for people who are sedentary.

Free and compatible with Android.


Your eyes also need a break from that twenty-page brief. EyeLeo hijacks your computer.

It dims your screen and makes you give your peepers a mini-workout. Not to fret, it’ll notify you when a break is coming so you won’t freak out when your screen fades.

Free and compatible with Windows.


Another way to ensure you take enough breaks is to drink plenty of water. You’ll have to stop working to relieve yourself eventually.

Plus, you’ll receive the added benefit of preventing dehydration which can lead to stress, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Waterlogged will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

It’ll maintain a record of your hydration levels. How does such a thing work? You take a photo of your drinking container.

Drink your water. Waterlogged will go to work adding up your hydration score. It’ll even send you reminders and charts to help you nail your daily goal.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

Best Stress Reduction Apps

We seem wired to worry—to stress about the unknown. But lawyers can turn this into an art form. It’s an attorney’s job to think about the unknown.

Yet, when you overindulge in this behavior you can develop a critical and pessimistic mindset. Those traits can hurt you when you need to manage anxiety.

A positive outlook can help you better navigate the storms of life. No one knows when the pandemic will be over, so now would be an excellent time to learn how to cultivate optimism.

Practicing gratitude can help. So can using the following apps that fight depression and anxiety.


Therapy can get pretty expensive. Not everyone wants to spend $150 talking to a therapist every week.

But for $65 a week, Talkspace gives you access to a trained professional. You can chat as much as you need. If you like, you can opt for live video sessions.

$65 on iOS and Android.

My Possible Self

This app monitors your mood so that over time you can analyze the way you’ve been feeling. You’ll discover patterns that help you identify what triggers you.

Could it be a co-worker, store, or something your spouse said? You’ll find out with the help of My Possible Self.

Once you’re aware of what activates your negative responses, you can access one of the modules to learn how to better deal with attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that unnerve you.

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Have you noticed that it’s hard to feel down in the dumps when you start counting your blessings? You can generate more of that grateful spirit with this app. It’ll send notifications your way daily to nudge you to show gratitude.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS.

Happy Not Perfect

When you need to relieve some pressure, try this app. It serves up stress-reducing visual aids and fun games. Plus, more than three hundred meditations will be at your fingertips whenever you need to tap into your inner Buddha.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.


Free your mind with sleep stories and meditation. What if you’re not a “meditating person”? Check out the Lebron James series. It has you covered. You’ll channel inner peace before you can say “whoosah”.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

Best Fitness Apps

Many people know that when you exercise chemicals that improve mood and energy levels are released. But did you know that working out also protects your brain?

Harvard Health reports that regular, moderate exercise activates areas of the brain connected to memory function. Working out allows you to use more brain cells and slow cognitive decline.

Attorneys who argue cases in court must rely on strong memory functionespecially when it’s time to nail that all-important closing argument.

Whether your gym is closed or not, you can use the below apps to help get your body and mind fighting ready to take on the challenges of the day.


Who needs a bunch of fancy equipment and a gym membership? Not you. Tell Sworkit the kind of workout you want to do and how much time you have to do it and it’ll deliver a mean sweat session.

You’ll have access to over four hundred unique workouts. With this level of variety, it’s hard to get bored.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.


Let this app’s built-in personal trainer give you the kick you need to get your body in gear. Once you choose one of the personal trainers offered, they’ll talk you through yoga, runs, or whatever at-home workouts you’ve selected.

Feel free to throw in your own music. The volume will lower itself when your trainer starts talking. You won’t miss a beat.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

Best Sleep Apps

During this pandemic, you may find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Anxious thoughts about COVID and looming court deadlines can make falling and staying asleep hard.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. Without the recommended amount of shut-eye, we run the risk of compromising our immune system and weakening its ability to ward off disease.

These apps will help you get your precious shut-eye so you can be alert and engaged at your next meeting.

Power Nap App

This app will help you recharge by prompting you to take a quick thirty-minute nap. A refreshing power nap can do wonders for restoring your productivity, alertness, and creativity.

Close your door. Shut the blinds. Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature as you’re lulled to sleep. Awake to the lovely sounds of bells, a piano tune, or birds.

Free universal app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


Attorneys know what it’s like to manage more than one thing at once. So why not multitask as you sleep?

While you’re getting that precious beauty rest, let this app monitor your every breath and body movement.

It’ll give you a report that details each stage of your sleep. Suggestions will also be provided for how you can improve your sleep life.

Free and paid options available on iOS or Android.

Best Lifestyle Apps

The pandemic has thrown many people’s schedules off track. Remote work requires an adjustment of environment, mindset, and activity.

Reestablish a sense of normalcy. Get in the habit of sticking to a daily routine. Include time to unwind so you can enjoy a healthy balance between work and life.

If reading a book brings you joy, do that. If playing an instrument keeps you calm, do that. Whatever fills you with peace and happiness, you should carve out time to do it.

When you’re relaxing avoid thinking about work. Conversely, when you’re at work, avoid thinking about recreation.

Lack of concentration can lead to unproductivity. The following apps will help you stay alert and prevent burnout.

Remente – Self Improvement

What better way to relieve stress than to cross a pressing matter off your to-do list? Setting and hitting goals is an effective tactic to use to feel a sense of control and accomplishment.

You’ll feel much more confident and less worried. Remente combines the power of a well-designed goal-setting system with the practicality of a daily planner.

Now you can sync your to-do list with your goals and start knocking out projects and impressing your boss in no time.

Free with in-app purchases.

Fabulous: Self Care

This app is designed to help you create new habits. It gives you simple, daily activities that help you form the new and improved you.

Say you want to drop a few pounds. Fabulous will give you the daily steps to follow to do so. This app helps you stay motivated so you can reach your desired outcome.

Free and requires iOS 10.0 and watch OS 5.0 or later.

The Takeaways:

Tech isn’t everything. Go for a bike ride. Dance. Do whatever form of exercise you enjoy so much, you’ll actually keep it up. Because whether there is a pandemic or not, the only thing that matters about exercise, is consistency. Exercising for a week or a month is nothing. Exercising as habit is the only thing that keep you healthy, is consistency.

Watch what you watch. Regardless of your political leanings, watching the news repeatedly, causes stress. If you’re going to watch, limit yourself to one hour a day. There is no need to watch the same headlines and sound bites again and again.

Reach out to your loved ones to feel connected and supported. Make a commitment to calling at least three people who have a positive influence on you, every week.

Limit your use of alcohol and recreational drugs. The combination of isolation and stress can create the perfect storm for abuse and addiction. The transition from something which helps you relax, to dependency is insidious. Be self aware.

Create a plan to protect and maintain your health. Use every tool at your disposal to get or stay in shape during the COVID Era. Your life depends on it.

Idara Hampton is a freelance writer who creates valuable content in the health and wellness space. She can be reached at