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Artificial Intelligence
For Attorneys: Online Course

Artificial Intelligence for the Legal Profession

"The AI Consultants at Shelton & Steele are unlike anyone else out

there. First, they taught me everything I should NOT do with AI and

why. That was critical. Then they showed me several things that AI

can do and that blew my mind. Finally, they gave me practical, usable

strategies that will change everything about the way I practice law (and the way I market my services!) forever."
Celeste Moy
, Rimon Law

"Honestly, I was very skeptical about AI. Then Mr. Shelton gave several members of my firm a glance behind the curtain and showed us what no one else is talking about. He's very specific about training your AI in advance and his ROSE formula for Prompt Engineering is nothing less than genius. He doesn't talk about AI. He shows you how to do what no one else knows how to do."
Partner, San Diego Law Firm

"Wow. Just wow. I don't even know what to say. I'm now SO far ahead of anyone I know, when it comes to how to use AI. And it was easy! This course is going to put a lot of attorneys way ahead of their competition."
Partner, North Carolina AmLaw Firm


(8/25/23: Two Focus Group Attorneys are waiting approval from their law firms to be quoted but have consented to be contacted directly for references)

   Frederick Shelton has been writing about Legal AI since he predicted it would have a game-changing impact on the law, in 2019. He writes about GenAI (generative AI like Chat & Bard) in his column for Attorney at Law Magazine, "Shelton Shares". He is in the final phases of his book "The Essential Guide to AI for Lawyers and Law Firms: 2024 Edition".

   Frederick has interviewed the CEO's and Founders of Legal-Specific GenAI startups and the C-Levels and Directors AI for major players like Thomson Reuters, Google and Microsoft. He has interviewed in-house counsel, members of Congress & the Senate, and the Global Chair's of AI for several AmLaw 100 law firms, all for the purpose of learning exactly how attorneys can safely and effectively use AI.
  He has been invited to lecture and panel of the subject of "AI's Impact on the Law" by both UCLA and American University's School of Law.

   During his interviews, Frederick focused on a single goal: Learn how attorneys can gain the skills necessary for the practical and applicable usage of GenAI, in the practice of law. That goal has been accomplished and his online course, based on the book will be available to attorneys in September of 2023.


"The Essential Guide to AI for Lawyers & Law Firms: Video Edition" will be presented by Mr. Shelton and his guest presenters, who will include CEO's, Developers and Thought Leaders of the Industry.

This hands-on course will enable attorneys, paralegals and other attending professionals to learn and master the following:

1. The "Light Switch" and "AOL" Dynamics of GenAI. Why Learning About Tech, Like the Specifics

    of How LLM's Work, and Why Focusing only on Chat GPT is the Wrong Strategy.

2. Understanding the Basics of How to Safely and Effectively Use General Purpose AI   

    Platforms Like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Perplexity etc. and Their Plug-Ins.

3. The Three Critical Dangers of General Purpose GenAI and How to Avoid Them.

4. How to Train Your AI Account, Before Prompting (An Ignored, But Critical Skill)

5. Basic and Advanced Prompt Engineering, Re-Engineering & Chain Engineering Skills

6. The Dozens of Legal-Specific GenAI Offerings, Which is Best for You & Why.

     (Videos & Demo's of Each AI e.g. CoCounsel, Will Be Made Available at No Additional Cost)

7. Shifting Focus: Understanding Why Re-Pricing Various Legal Tasks and Services Will be

    Absolutely Necessary & How to Do It.

8. "Client Controlled AI". How to Discuss the Use of GenAI with Clients.

9. How to Market Yourself as a Modern "AI Era Lawyer" or Law Firm.

10. How to Prepare for What's on the Horizon, Based on Predictions from the

      Thought Leaders Mr. Shelton has Interviewed

For more information on Shelton & Steele's AI online course, please send an email to or call 702-373-0880.

Below are some of Mr. Shelton's publications on AI and the Legal Profession:

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August 2023

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Automated Tables & Exhibits

July 2023

ChatGPT is No Longer Limited by pre-2021 Knowledge

July 2023

The Tidal Wave of AI that's Coming at the Legal Profession, Part 3

June 2023

The Tidal Wave of AI Coming at the Legal Profession, Part 2

May 2023

For Law, Chat GPT Was Just the Beginning: The Tidal Wave of AI Coming at the Legal Profession, Part 1

May 2023

A General Counsel's Perspectice on Chat GPT & AI

January 2023


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