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We Don't Recruit Attorneys,
We Represent Them.

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Shelton & Steele's Rules

for Lateral Moves

1. Don't move just for the sake of moving. That's how you go out of the frying pan and into the fire.

2. Don't be in a hurry or let anyone rush or pressure you to move quickly. That's how mistakes are made.

3. Unless there are clearly defined advantages, why make the move?

4. Go with your gut. No matter how good the deal looks on paper, if your gut tells not to move forward, listen to it.

Our CEO started his career in a huge recruiting firm that had three names or letters, many people are familiar with. At that firm, there was tremendous pressure to make placements and meet quotas. They boasted about how they had "Every AmLaw" as their client. They made clear that the clients were their absolute priority.

At Shelton & Steele, the Client is NOT the Priority. The Attorney is.


The best interest of the attorney, group or acquired firm always comes first. Because if a firm doesn't get another attorney tomorrow, that's not going to have a huge impact.

However, if we don't absolutely prioritize the attorneys who trust us with their careers, that can have a hugely negative impact on their lives. We must be worthy of their trust.

Our primary, fiduciary responsibility is to protect the attorney.

We Don't Sell, We Provide Due Solid Diligence


Our methodology is quite different than that of any other legal recruiting firm. We won't discuss a firm with you unless we know more about them, than an attorney could possibly learn on their own (or from other recruiters). This includes the positives and negatives. Attorneys will receive hard data on profitability, hourly rates, attrition, DEI statistics, actual (vs targeted) billable hours etc. Only after they have evaluated all of the data, do they decide whether to authorize us to share their information with a law firm. When an attorney is considering a firm, they don't need a "sales pitch", they need accurate, comprehensive and real-time data. That's what we provide.

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