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Shelton's Crystal Ball: ChatGPT Will Be Soon Forgotten! Here's Why

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In my forthcoming book "The Practical AI Handbook for Lawyers & Law Firms", I predict that ChatGPT will be overshadowed by a far superior Second Market Mover. My reasoning is simple. Historically speaking, what I call "The AOL Dynamic" is commonplace with First Market Movers that fail to continue innovating or foresee

formidable contingencies, such as the "Bet

the Company" level litigation that are

Author Michael Chabon, photo from NPR attacking OpenAI from a plethora of fronts.

Remember AOL and MySpace? Yeah, Me Either

The 90s and early 2000s bore witness to behemoths like AOL, a brand synonymous with the internet for many. It was the portal, the messenger, the email provider, and much more for countless individuals. And then there was MySpace, which was to social networking what the Facebook of today is. These platforms enjoyed unprecedented success, only to later find themselves outpaced by entities that brought something new to the table—innovation, user-experience, and adaptability. Thus it will be for ChatGPT.

Sometimes Money Just Isn't Enough

While OpenAi has the monetary might of Microsoft's backing, history has taught us that sometimes, money just isn't enough. OpenAI's rivals are reveling in the mistakes being made by their predecessor. For example, yet another "Bet the Company" class-action lawsuit has been leveled against OpenAI for scraping the literary works and styles of writers, without their permission. This is only one of a barrage of such suits that have been blitzkrieged against them by artists, performers, singers, actors and more. To delve deeper into the class-action lawsuit, that is headed by author Michael Chabon (pictured), click HERE. Even with MicroSoft behind them, the multitude of major lawsuits is bound to have its toll and if nothing else, become both a distraction and deterrent for investors.

In the meantime, the next "Google" replacement of GenAI (which could in fact, be produced by Google, if they improve Bard) is preparing to launch something that will place ChatGPT in the AOL annals of business history.

"Yoda, Please Write a Contract, File This Brief and Have Starbucks Deliver a Latte" I've interviewed dozens of AI Founders and CEO's and I'm quite certain that other companies are planning and preparing to exceed Chat with innovations such as verbal dialogue and 3D (possibly holographic) avatars that will look like the user's choice of Margot Robbie, Rege-Jean Page or even Yoda! Not only that, but GenAI will inevitably go mobile. How cool will it be, when holographic Yoda pops out of your smart watch and tells you how pleased he is to write that contract, file that brief and have coffee brought to your home office from Starbucks? And ChatGPT? No it won't be forgotten (That Headline DID get your attention though, didn't it!). If you go to you'll discover it's still there and hey, there are even Boomers out there who still have AOL email addresses! But the odds are high, that the Next Big Thing is on its' way and might be here as soon as 2024. Frederick Shelton is the CEO of Shelton & Steele and provides Legal-Specific AI Consulting to lawyers and law firms. He can be reached at


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