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1 Question Poll: Why Attorney Would Not Join a Virtual Law Firm

Virtual Law Firms and Hybrid Brick & Mortar / Virtual Law Firms have been growing in size, capturing market share (including the Fortune 500's) and gaining premium talent over the years. However, they're not for everyone. Please check all boxes that would apply to why you would not consider working with either a traditional Brick & Mortar or Virtual firm, if it meant working from home.

Why I Wouldn't Join a Virtual Firm

  • Too many distractions at home! I need an office!

  • Lack of support. I want associates, paralegals etc.

  • Most pay on "Eat What You Kill" basis. I need guaranteed $$$

  • My clients demand a bigger / stronger brand

You can vote for more than one answer.

1 commento

12 feb

You should create a second poll asking the question "Why you wouldn't join another brick & mortar big law firm?".

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