Francois Modarresse 

Business & Marketing Consultant

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Francois Modarresse is an entrepreneur and business development executive with over 25 years of experience in the high-tech and hyper growth sectors. Francois is currently an advisor to companies of various sizes, helping them virtualize their organizations or expand globally. Clients range from cybersecurity startups to a consortium of media giants (Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, …). Prior to this role, Francois was the Vice President of Marketing for Dolby, growing its annual revenues from $390M to $820M. Other accomplishments include scaling a niche business to over $180M, and playing a lead role in 5 M&A’s with an up to high 9 figure value.

Having always worked in, and led geographically distributed businesses, Francois has mastered and developed organizational architectures, management practices and technology tools that are essential to turning an enterprise into an efficient virtual structure.

Skills: Collaboration (IT) tools, organizational structure, business governance, big (and small) data, data-driven marketing, cybersecurity, and scalability.

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