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Since I’ve begun working with Shelton & Steele, my income has literally doubled! There is no one I would recommend more highly for rainmaking and business coaching. They have also been an invaluable counsel. When what seemed like the  most difficult business matters and decisions needed to be addressed, their advice made things clear, simple and manageable.”

—  Knicole Emanuel, Partner

The Shelton System: Rainmaking

These consulting packages and webinars invite guide attorneys with specific, actionable strategies and tactics that will help them build their book of business.

How to Activate & Maintain a High Value Network


     The majority of high-end legal work is never even pitched. If a C-Level or GC personally knows an attorney who can do the work they need done, they send it to that attorney.

   The Shelton System is a very precise and detailed set of strategies, wherein attorneys can identify and activate a network of executives, general counsel and high value business referral sources. More importantly, it provides a specific system for maintaining a high value network - which the only way a network retains its value. Anyone can get a business card. The Shelton System teaches how to stay "front of mind" for years or even decades afterward.

Branding - How to Get Quoted & Published in Media

   At Shelton & Steele, we have done extensive research, worked through trial and error and developed a media branding system that has since, gotten almost everyone on our team published, quoted and featured in national, international media.

   Our team been quoted in Success Magazine, Forbes, American Lawyer, Bloomberg Law, Reader’s Digest, Upjourney, Authority Magazine, Thrive Magazine, am now a regular writer for Attorney at Law Magazine and did I mention I’ve been quoted in Forbes? I’ve also been featured on numerous podcasts, including Money Matters and the Legal Mastermind. In all of these cases, a link to my website remains in perpetuity with the key words “CEO of Legal Recruiting Firm, Shelton & Steele. I cannot adequately stress the value that being quoted in national media does for an individual attorney’s brand, credibility, social media presence and SEO – for both the attorney and their firm.    The Shelton System teaches attorneys how to accomplish all of this in a single ninety minute program.

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"Frederick is extremely knowledgeable regarding the business of law and is ahead of the curve in terms of legal innovation. He’s also a wealth of information and advice on business development tips. I’ve enjoyed working with Frederick and would highly recommend him to those looking to maximize business development and efficiencies at your current firm."

—  Derek Adams, Partner

​​How to Excel at Webinars, Public Speaking

and Appearing as a Guest on Media


   Attorneys often speak without a focused purpose. They should speak solely of one (or more) of only three reasons: Marketing, Branding or Helping a Worthwhile Cause (which often accomplishes the first two objectives). 

   The Shelton System help attorneys learn how to get speaking engagements in the right venues, how to run effective seminars and webinars, tips to help become more likeable and interesting, and how to prepare for an effectively appear on tv, radio, podcasts etc. 

Mining LinkedIn for Clients

    In 2016, I wrote a post on LinkedIn which resulted in an additional $200,000 in personal income. The members of our firm have gained both clients and attorney candidates from LinkedIn. One of them is tracking for a seven figure billing year in 2021, by using only LinkedIn. 
   You don't have to be a digital marketing expert to get business through LinkedIn. You also don't have to spend a great deal of time, effort and money to reap the potential rewards LinkedIn has to offer attorneys. But any savvy attorney will know how to set up an effective page, avoid the most common mistakes and leverage the platform as a means of gaining business. 
   One of the greatest challenges attorneys face is just getting the contact information for C-Levels and GC's. Another challenge is learning how to initiate and maintain contact so that they stay "front of mind" so that when executives need representation or are considering a change, they have a chance at the business. 
   The Shelton System teaches attorneys how to create an effective page, increase the personal connections by thousands, leverage their group reach and take relationships off of LinkedIn. Best of all, attorneys will learn how to automate most of the work. The system is very structured, detailed and offers specific actions and strategies that any business lawyer can employ.

   Shelton & Steele is happy to provide references who will verify my content isn’t just good: It’s the best they’ve ever seen. Our consultants are not motivational speakers or someone who offers a lot of “fluff” (Don't you hate when only 10% of a seminar is actually worth listening to!). People start taking notes within a few minutes of webinars and sessions because it becomes immediately evident that what is taught, can be used right away.

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   "I learned more about legal recruiting from Frederick Shelton in one day, than I have from anyone in the recruiting field during my entire career. This man isn’t a normal recruiter. He really is “Next Level”

—  Rhiannon Brownwell, Talent Acquisition Manager

Personality Profiling in Real Time

   Have you ever had someone try to pitch or sell you something, and virtually everything they said and more importantly, how they said it, just felt wrong? Have you ever tried desperately to connect with a potential client, candidate or other VIP and for seemingly inexplicable reasons, couldn’t build even a modest level of rapport? Have you ever known someone who seemed hell-bent on contradicting everything you say, for no reason?

   The Shelton System teaches attorneys how to identify over a dozen personality characteristics on a near immediate basis. It provides specific techniques and communication strategies for dealing with even the most challenging people and employees. It is even more valuable spouses and certain family members!

Virtual Law Firms and Successful Remote Platforms


    We have been consultants to virtual law firms, brick & mortar law firms that started remote platforms and attorneys considering the virtual alternative to BigLaw, since 2015. There is much more to creating a successful remote platform or virtual firm, than just moving to the cloud. Maintaining brand integrity, creating and maintaining a sense of community, cybersecurity, retention and other factors have to be carefully evaluated.

   The Shelton System offers specific strategies and methods that help accomplish all of this in both the short term and more importantly, over the long term.

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  "I've worked with Erica Shelton and other people at Shelton & Steele and could not recommending any consulting group more highly. Everything they offer is practical, applicable and best of all, really easy! 
   Marketing can seem very intimidating but I've never seen any consultants or trainers, who are so good at helping attorneys do everything from creating a personal brand, to using LinkedIn as a means of client development. I highly recommend them." 

— Ashley Thomson, Partner

Advanced Interviewing, Vetting, Closing

and Lateral Integration Techniques

   Every attorney thinks they’re great at interviewing. Our experience and decades of debriefs with candidates who turned firms down, proves that most attorneys aren’t as good as they think they are.      The Shelton System helps attorneys know exactly what to say in early and late interviews. We teach how partners can vet candidates without the candidate getting offended or even  feeling like they’re being vetted. We teach specific techniques that create the highest level of persuasion and closing ratios. Finally, we offer a LIP (Lateral Integration System) which ensures that the normal “ramp up” time is reduced dramatically and that partners hit the ground running.