Elite Mid-Sized & Boutique Law Firms

Shelton & Steele: The Cure for BigLaw

While we are always looking for more, we have accepted only one AmLaw as a client. The rest still employ outdated business models, rate pressure and fee structures, management styles etc. They also require even senior attorneys to continue the horrid lifestyle that result in poor health, divorces, substance abuse and worse.

We offer The Cure for BigLaw.

We have mid-sized brick & mortar clients who are serious alternatives to BigLaw. Theses are full service and boutique firms that offer the most impressive bio's and high-end practice areas such as Corporate, Cybersecurity, Patent, Commercial Litigation, Cannabis, Blockchain & Fintech, E-Gaming etc.

Examples of these clients include:

A 20 attorney boutique with PPP's exceeding $500K

A 40 attorney full service firm with PPP's exceeding $900K+

We even have a 50 attorney client with PPP 's exceeding $2M

But life isn't just about money. We have other clients where attorneys are billing less than 1,200 hours a year and making incomes ranging from $250K - $500K. We consider this to be a reasonable proposition for a 20 - 30 hour work week.

For details about these clients, feel free to contact us.

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