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Career Counseling

"Honestly, you have a really good deal where you're at. You should stay put."

         "Actually, the best thing for you to do, is start your own firm."

                      "You need to make a move as soon as possible."

Because they know our income is predicated on moving them to a new firm, it often surprises attorneys when we tell them to stay put. The reason we do so is simple: Because our assessment of their situation makes clear that staying where they are would be in their best interest.

By making sure we adhere to our core philosophy (The best interest of the candidate will always come first), we receive more referrals and "return candidates" than our competitors.

We've said all of the above and more, on numerous occasions. We've also helped attorneys figure out whether they should go in-house, into the public sector or leave the law altogether, to take a risk on a new business venture.

Moreover, we provide strategic career mapping that enables attorneys to plan months and even years into their current or new positions. For example, if an attorney has the goal to eventually go in-house at a Fortune 500, we offer specifics as to what practice areas and experience to gain, what type of firms or companies would give them best leverage in the future, when they should move and how.
We offer a flat fee structure and if our attorney clients aren't sure they are getting their money's worth at any time within the first half hour, we refund the entire amount.
We have never had anyone request a refund.