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Alan Golik is a legal recruiter and digital marketer for Shelton & Steele. Mr. Golik specializes in successful researching and placement of attorneys and partners in various practice areas, with an emphasis in blockchain, fintech, and cyber security.


Alan is the head of Shelton & Steele's Social Media and Digital Marketing component, of the IAM (Individual Attorney Marketing) Programs. He assists attorneys by evaluating and improving their LinkedIn Pages (see his article in Attorney at Law Magazine here), with both images and content.   He also evaluates and improves upon all web page bios, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email and display advertising campaigns. He executes and measures A/B testing and conversion tests.

Mr. Golik collaborates with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience.


Alan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, wherein he double majored with a dual degree in Business Marketing and Management.​ While seeking his undergraduate degree, Alan earned multiple scholarships and grants during his five year time. Among the awards, one of the most prestigious was the Philip J. Cohen Scholarship, for which he maintained by actively participating community service roles.

He has been a dedicated volunteer for both the Three Square Food Bank and Opportunity Village. Upon graduation, Alan was recognized for his excellence in creating various strategy expansion marketing plans for local businesses, and thereafter became a recipient of the Lee Medallion.


During college, Alan worked in a recreational fitness facility holding multiple positions, including a direct managerial role and fitness instructor for various classes. Through his roles here, he grew to love teaching and became a team leader going forward. He is still affectionately referred to as a fitness buff and gym dweller.


Alan is bilingual, in that he speaks fluent Polish and is originally from Poland.​ In his free time, Alan enjoys logging critiques of music albums and films online through various mediums. 

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