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   The practice of law is undergoing sweeping changes for the first time in decades. The big difference is that now these changes are driven by clients. They are seeking out more cost effective and value-centric firms.

   On the other side, attorneys are seeking alternatives to BigLaw that provide greater control over rates, practice and lifestyle.

   The time has finally arrived when both sides can achieve their goals.
   New breeds of competitors have been capturing market share for over a decade. Clients ranging from startups to the top of the Fortune 500 are working with The Big 4 Accounting Firms, boutiques, virtual firms and other alternatives to the AmLaw 200, on deals ranging from small-cap to the hundreds of millions.

   Our focus is on representing attorneys who are seeking viable alternatives to BigLaw. We have mid-sized firms with Profits Per Partner exceeding $900,000. We have also placed more partners with virtual firms and firms that offer remote lawyering options, than any search firm in the country.

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