Diversity & Inclusion

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Our Culture

Shelton & Steele is dedicated to setting the precedent for D&I edification. Being a part of this company means helping to progress the LGBTQ community, renouncing ageism, and accepting all with zero discriminatory behavior. 

We pride ourselves that our company is represented by:

  • 50% Minorities

  • 50% Women Professionals

  • Range of Nationalities


People do not have limitations. Shelton & Steele is made up of three generation individuals working together in a limitless learning environment.


From Our Team

"In an industry that is predominantly peopled by white men, there is an underlying culture that can be  'professional standard'. Certainly an attorney should carry a level of business and professional acumen, but there is a fine line between professionalism and personality limitations. If a law firm is serious about truly being diverse and inclusive, they have to be willing to broaden the perception of what their firm culture is through education."

- Ayven Dodd

   D&I Consultant

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