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Client Development

   Remember all those classes in law school and all the in-depth training you received from your firm on how to build your personal client base?
   Neither does anyone else.
   That’s what we do for you and let’s start out by being clear on the value rendered:

   If at any time during the first 30 minutes, you aren’t absolutely convinced you’re going to get value exceeding your investment, we refund the full amount.

   I invite you to find another firm that offers such a guarantee.Most consultants want you to pay them before you even know what you''ll get for your buck. We prove our expertise and more importantly, what we can do for you before you're committed to anything.

   Street Smarts vs. Academia & Theory
    Most consultants offer ideas and plans that are largely theoretical or even academic. Our experience has been that the chasm between such strategies and what has been proven effective in practice, is wide. 

   Our material and counsel comes directly from those who have achieved results in the real world.

   We have over two decades of interviewing, lateraling and debriefing Rainmakers who have had Annual Originations ranging from the mid to high six figures, to over ten million a year.  One of the questions we have always asked during debriefs was:

   "How did you build your client base?" 

   The answers were often as surprising as they were varied. Introverts who built multi-million dollar practices used very different methods than Extroverts. Corporate attorneys had completely different strategies than Trusts & Estates, Bankruptcy or Patent Attorneys. Factors such as law school, geographic markets, AmLaw vs. MidLaw or NewLaw platforms, market position, footprint, brand and more are taken into consideration, when constructing your Business & Marketing Plan.

   While all of this may sound complex (and many consultants intentionally make it even more so), we make it simple. By the time we’re done working together, you’ll know how much time per month you should budget, exactly what you should do, how often and where.


  Tried & True

   For over a century, high-end professionals have had three traditional methods of bringing in clients and maintaining a loyal following: Speaking, Writing & Building and Maintaining a Valuable Network.

   We have documented specifics as to how some attorneys have used one or more of these strategies effectively, where others have tried all three for years and declared “None of that works”.

   For example, public speaking is a staple of traditional efforts but there are strategic, tactical and psychological differences between giving a speech and giving a speech that will bring in clients.
   We provide thorough training and personalized guidance to make sure the attorneys with whom we work, know where to speak and why, as well as how to present information that immediately captures the attention of the audience and piques their interest, yet doesn’t come off like an infomercial (a common, tactical error by attorney speakers).

   Welcome to the 21st Century
   Whereas not long ago, only a major firm or corporation had the power to reach mass markets, Social Media and other venues have leveled the playing field. Individual attorneys now have the power to reach and maintain a connection with thousands of decision makers (or more) at a time.
   We have worked with partners who have built seven figure books of business through Social Media outlets, alone.
   It's About You
   The first thing you'll do is take our self-assessments. We'll go over them together and make sure we agree on where your strengths are and what you would feel most comfortable with pursuing initially. We will then put together a detailed action plan which will include some or all of the following:

Creating & Developing a Personal, Professional Brand & Market Position
Identifying High Probability “A Level” Clients
Understanding Client Cycling, Leverage & Scale
Basic Psychological Profiling for Business
Understanding Key Decision-Making Motivators for Clients
Public Speaking for the Purpose of Client Development & Branding
Writing for Publication & Client Development & Branding
Writing & Blogging in Social Media Outlets for Client Development & Branding
Building, Maintaining and Mining Internal & Personal Networks
Conducting Webinars for Client Development & Branding
Using Video & Video Channels for Client Development & Branding
Starting and Developing Podcasts

21 Specific Negotiating Tactics & Strategies for Attorneys

   Again, its rare that an attorney will utilize all of the above strategies at the outset. Our job is to give you everything you need to capitalize on the specific strategies that are best suited for your talents, and which will help you build a client base as quickly as possible.

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