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Shelton & Steele

Recruiting / Mergers & Acquisitions


   While most search firms work with anyone who will pay them a fee, we at Shelton & Steele prefer to engender greater loyalty and closer relationships works with only a select few clients. We are constantly seeking out and interviewing firms that offer most or all of the following:

  • Modernized business model & platform
  • Partner autonomy that equates to "Command Authority"
  • Minimal bureaucracy
  • Option to work virtually
  • Incentivized and measured cross-selling initiatives
  • "Top Shelf" attorneys from major firms & practices
  •  Marketing training & support

   We also offer Alternative Fee Arrangements that are based on the performance of the attorney and our ability to help them succeed at your firm, in the long term.

Mergers & Acquisitions

   Law firm mergers are complex and often precarious endeavors.  One need only read the legal journals to find examples of those that have ended up being costly mistakes.

   Tens of millions have been invested in firms that grossly over-represented their revenues, margins etc. In other cases, the impact of market position, brand, cultural and synergistic considerations have been underestimated or even overlooked.

   Our team has navigated through the process of evaluating both the mechanics and intangibles. We provide the counsel that minimizes the chances of negative outcomes, as well as assisting in the process to provide the smoothest transition and integration.

   Once retained, we deploy teams that include recruiters, veteran C-Level law firm executives, business analysts, forenzic accountants and more.

   Once we have completed the client intake form, we start the process of identifying suitable targets for acquisition From there, we do the initial due diligence to determine whether the merger would complement and build on the mutual brands. We then obtain and evaluate (or if you prefer, get the NDA's, financials etc. your people need) every possible consideration and provide our Analyses & Recommendations. 

   To be clear, we recommend not moving forward more often than we recommend commencing.  While we pride ourselves on our ability to identify and bring to the table, the best possibilities, red flags tend to appear after the initial introductions. Our job is to protect your firm.

Legal Business & Marketing Consulting

Law Firm Mergers & Lateral Acquisitions