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Starting & Growing a Law Firm

   Whether spinning off from a large firm as a solo or group, starting a firm has never been more complex. What many attorneys don't realize is that there has never been a business climate which offered a greater chance for small to medium sized firms to succeed. It's a matter of knowing how to capitalize on the current, rapidly changing market conditions.

   We have over two decades of working with and gathering data about what creates the greatest chances for success, as well as the mistakes that are most important to avoid. 
   We offer a top-to bottom guidance covering what needs to be done in advance, in the early stages and through the stabilizing period, and when it comes time to scale.

   We have the legal industry expertise and people who have taken enterprises from start up to eight figure levels. We don't take control or tell you what your firm should become. What we do is make it easy for you to avoid the pitfalls, and pick and choose from the proven strategies which have made the difference between firms that struggled, firms that have stagnated and those who have have created something incredibly successful.

Client Development

   The practice of law is undergoing rapid changes. In-Housing, In-Sourcing, A.I., Corporate Collectives and more are mounting an offensive against "Business as Usual" - especially in BigLaw and MidLaw. Market conditions are about to change but one thing remains constant: Attorneys with a loyal client base are safe in just about any market condition.

   We have over two decades of interviewing, lateraling and debriefing Rainmakers who developed stable client bases (or "book of business") ranging from the mid to high six figures, to well into the eight figure range.  One of the questions we have always posed is "How did you do it?". 

   We have taken that data and sorted it by book size, practice area, market position etc. We provide a customized program based on your strengths and weaknesses.


Individual Digital Marketing 

   Individual Digital Marketing or "IDM" is changing everything. There has never been time in business history when an individual attorney had access to unlimited free marketing. Until recently, only corporations and firms had the ability to develop, grow and maintain a valuable brand. Social Media and Content Marketing have become the great equalizers. We have worked with attorneys who have built seven figure books using only digital marketing.

    The IDM strategies which have proven most successful for high end professionals are far removed from those seeking to sell Amway or build a fan base on Facebook. 

   We work with our clients to develop their primary, secondary and tertiary brands. From there, we construct the initial platform and then help them develop and implement a marketing campaign that will accomplish one goal: Get clients. 

Individual Data Analytics / IDM or "Small Data"

   This is the 21st Century. Face it, if you’re not using data analytics, you’re falling behind. Period. Ironically, once you learn it, most of the best software for helping you build your practice is FREE.

   Chances are, your firm has one or more people employed full-time who manage data analytics or "Big Data" for the firm. However, virtually no law firms are taking advantage of what IDM can do for their attorneys.

   Imagine knowing the measurable value of every activity, endeavor, client and potential client pool. What would be the value of knowing exactly what you should do and when, in order to increase your personal originations. The best part is the ease with which everything you need can be constructed and organized for you. Once your IDM is in place, your practice will never be the same. We can show you why.

Programs for Individual Attorneys & Professionals