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  “The idea of leaving BigLaw and a guaranteed paycheck was daunting, to say the least! Frederick guided me through every step of the process, including evaluating the portability of my client base, understanding how to run my practice like a business etc.

   He has also been an invaluable counsel. When what seemed like the  most difficult business matters and decisions needed to be addressed, his advice made things clear, simple and manageable. Since I’ve begun working with him, my income has literally doubled. There is no one I would recommend more highly.”

Knicole Emanuel, Partner

Alternative Law Firm

“Frederick Shelton guided us through every step of a law firm merger. He was clear, objective and made sure things went smoothly.

What is more telling though, is that he has been in constant contact since.

For years, he has offered some of the best business counsel an attorney could hope for, and done everything imaginable to help increase the profitability of my personal client base. He’s the real thing.”

Scott Rasmussen

Las Vegas Managing Partner Full Service Firm

President and CEO
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Frederick Shelton

   Frederick was once a homeless teenager who barely survived harsh city streets, starvation and worse. 

   A single act of kindness got him off the streets until he was old enough to join the Navy. 

   Upon rejoining the civilian world, he rose through the ranks of sales and management until 1993, when he started working with a major legal recruiting firm. He became one of their best legal recruiters within months but as he gained experience, he came to realize that the business model employed by legal head hunters was flawed.

   While attorney recruiters talked a good game about protecting the best interests of the attorney and loyalty to clients, their actions and even the NALSC "Code of Ethics" made clear this was not the case.

The clear priorities were:

1. Commissions

2. The Client Who Paid the Commission (at least until the fee was received)

3. The Attorney

   Like their law firm counterparts, legal recruiting firms were using the same business model they employed for decades. It was time for a market disruption in the legal recruiting industry.

   In 1996, he left traditional law firm recruiting behind and started Shelton & Steele with a simple concept: Prioritize People Over Profits.

   Frederick restructured the entire enterprise architecture and  changed the entire business model for attorney recruiting.

   Contracts that rewarded the exaggeration of portable books were eliminated. Misrepresentation of client attributes was eliminated. Priorities were reversed.

Thus the priorities of Shelton & Steele are:

1. The best interests of the Attorneys who entrust their valuable careers to us.
2. Genuine understanding of and loyalty to the kind of clients we are proud to have on our roster.
3. Making sure S&S has "skin in the game" i.e. we are paid on the long term success of the attorney.   He has since worked with associates, counsel, partners, groups and coordinated law firm mergers & acquisitions.

   Frederick's bona fides and career accomplishments have included Executive Director of a Patent Boutique, The CMO of a General Practice Firm and the National Director of the Legal Division of an employment agency of over 2,000 employees

  Frederick has also been a repeated guest lecturer at the University of San Diego, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UCSD and CSN on subjects which have included:

Client Development for Attorneys
Career Management for Attorneys.
Negotiating Tactics and Strategies
Psychological Profiling for Business
Public Speaking for Professionals

   In his spare time, he enjoys tennis, golf, chess, reading non-fiction (and the occasional Grisham or Turrow novel), writing and has volunteered for years at both of the local Air Force Bases.

   Frederick has also worked with At-Risk youth, helping young people leave behind old habits and "crews" to become more positive thinking and success-oriented.

   Over the years, he and his family have opened their home to women and teens who were trying to escape the streets or other untenable & hostile environments.


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