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Frederick Shelton

"Frederick showed up one day and just started giving us stuff. Food, supplies and so on. He and his family brightened the lives of people who desperately needed inspiration.
A month after we met, he and his family came to our homeless shelter on the 4th of July and brought 80 steaks, 20 pounds of shrimp, fresh baked bread etc. for our residents. It was a feast no one had had in a long time. It inspired us all."
Issa T.
The Turning Point Homeless Shelter

Shelton & Steele

“Frederick Shelton guided us through every step of a law firm merger. He was clear, objective and made sure things went smoothly.

What is more telling though, is that he has been in constant contact since.

For over a year, he has offered some of the best business counsel an attorney could hope for, and done everything imaginable to help increase the profitability of both our office and my personal client base. He’s the real thing.”

Scott S.

Las Vegas Managing Partner Full Service Firm

Legal Business & Marketing Consulting

Law Firm Mergers & Lateral Acquisitions


Frederick has held positions at law firms as Chief Marketing Officer of a general practice firm, Executive Director of an intellectual property boutique, and the National Director of the legal division of the largest, privately held employment agency in America.

While Frederick will always personally represent partners and groups that are seeking strategic moves, he also leads the consulting division when it comes to helping attorneys build and maintain a solid, personal client base. He has spent over two decades asking the Rainmakers he places, one simple question:

"What is the best way for an attorney to build a their own, portable book of business (client base)?"

   The answers were wildly varied. Factors such as firm size & market position, practice area, race, gender, extrovert vs. introvert and more, all played a role in determining the most effective way for each, individual attorney to bring in clients and strengthen the ties that bind.

   Thus all business development coaching programs are individually customized for each client.
He has been a sought after consultant and repeated guest lecturer at the University of San Diego, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UCSD and CSN on subjects which have included:

Client Development for Attorneys
Career Management for Attorneys.
Negotiating Tactics and Strategies
Psychological Profiling for Business
Social Media Marketing for Individual Attorneys
Public Speaking for Professionals

   Frederick has provided business & marketing consulting to general practices & boutiques, as well as virtual firms.
   He has been published and quoted in Byte, The American Lawyer Magazine, Law 360 and other business and legal journals. He also writes the legal blog.

Recruiting, Mergers & Acquisitions
  Mr. Shelton has over 24 years of experience successfully placing Associates, Of Counsel, Partners, Groups and law firm Mergers & Acquisitions.  
  While competitors boast about "working with everyone", Frederick would rather limit the firm's client roster to only those firms that offer clear and definable advantages to candidates seeking a change.
   After interviewing over 100 firms, Mr. Shelton has accepted only four of the most progressive market disruptors & Alternative Model Firms as clients.   

   Additionally, he has declined to renew contracts with less than ten AmLaw's out of the 70+ previous engagements.

   As firms are becoming more and more alike, Mr. Shelton has identified the AmLaw's who offer clearly defined advantages such as greater flexibility with rates, use of AFA's, more autonomy, lifestyle options etc.

   Mr. Shelton has always given to his community, having been a volunteer counselor at The Storefront Teen Crisis Center, Children's Hospital, the Turning Point Homeless Center and as the President of 1 Class at a Time Program. 
   Frederick is a veteran and since 2013, has volunteered with the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) at Nellis Air Force Base and another base farther north. He teaches resume writing, job research and interviewing techniques to personnel coming out of the military.

   In 2015 Frederick met a high schooler named Ayven Dodd who was on a path to certain disaster. Frederick began mentoring the young man and eventually Ayven let go of his old "crew", and replaced the habits he had with new ones like body-building, giving speeches at Toastmasters International and learning Outlook and other business software programs. Today he lives with the Shelton's and works part time at Shelton & Steele.
   Frederick lives with his wife & daughter, Ayven and Chloe (a college student whose dorm availability at UNLV was canceled at the last moment) just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada.
   Frederick enjoys volunteering, tennis, golf, writing, doing stand up comedy and playing chess.

Recent Speeches & Publications Include:

"Social Media Marketing: What Works for a Pet Store Doesn't Work for High End Professionals"

Las Vegas Success Network, Jan 2018

Recruiters & Data Privacy: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
street smart law blog

No One Hired Your Firm

street smart law blog

"Psychological Profiling for Business"

Las Vegas, National Assoc. of Women MBA's
October 2018

A Hitch in a 'New Law' Business Model

The American Lawyer

"How to Work a Room"

Toastmasters International

   Frederick is an expert coach and champion public speaker. He has competed and won dozens of awards in Toastmaster's Speech Contests, International Speech Contests, Humorous Speech Contests and Stand Up Comedy.
   One of his "Bucket List" items has always been to be paid to perform stand-up comedy at a major casino on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. As of March 30th 2018, he checked that one off when he performed at the prestigious FoundationRoom at the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort.

   He will appearing again at other venues soon.

Here's a clip of his performance: