Lateral Integration Programs / "LIP"

   If your firm doesn't have a structured, comprehensive LIP, you're losing money and doing a tremendous disservice to every attorney you hire. Unfortunately, most firms LIP consist of little more than an introduction to the head of HR and tour of their campus.

   The lack of integration makes it much more difficult for laterals to port clients and cross-sell to other attorneys. Valuable time is wasted  and money is lost.

   For a flat fee, we can create a start-to-finish program that will  have new partners & associates hit the ground running, increase revenues, cross-selling and long-term retention.

Bureaucracy Reduction & Enterprise Management

   "The problem with law firms is that they're run by lawyers."

   The practice of law is virtually the only industry which is still operating under the same basic business model for nearly a century.  All other businesses and professions have adapted to the market or gone the way of the fax machine.

   Even at small to mid-sized firms, bureaucracy has proven problematic. Time is wasted and revenues lost due to excessive layers of management & committees, pointless (and seemingly endless) meetings and other unnecessary bureaucratic constructs.   

   Our team of Enterprise Management experts can quickly evaluate your firm from back office support to the executive level. We then provide a comprehensive menu of Analysis & Recommendations. Our clients pick and choose what they feel will fit best with their current structure and corporate culture, in order to streamline operations and increase profitability.


   Everyone talks a good game when it comes to cross-selling but few firms ever excel at it. The problem with the traditional approach is threefold: Mindset, Management and Measurement.

   We work with firms who have higher levels of cross-selling than any AmLaw or Mid-sized firm in the country. We know what they changed, the mistakes to avoid and how their eventual success in this area can be replicated.

Going Virtual

   Once upon a time, attorneys who worked from home were limited to small-scale work. All but three of our clients are either virtual firms or hybrid Brick & Mortar firms that have a virtual component as part of their platform.

   Our clients have evolved from minor players to professional service providers who are on the most exclusive panels of the Fortune 500, Wall St., Tech and more. They've learned how to collaborate so effectively that they now run litigation and deals in the hundreds of millions and even billions in a virtual platform.

   The market is changing rapidly and the low-cost and environmentally friendly structure of a virtual or hybrid platform is appealing to clients and has attracted some of the most prestigious and well-known attorneys in the country.

   We provide everything you need to understand about this rapidly increasing industry trend and how to capitalize on it.

Branding & Re-Branding  

    Among the most important assets a firm has to offer both clients and potential laterals is brand. While there are three components to branding in modern and digital marketing, most firms haven't implemented strategies or campaigns to establish their brand as being anything more than "Business Law Firm" etc.

   Worse, some firms have inadvertently established brands that are counter to their best interests. Negative market perceptions caused by bad press, poor management etc. are difficult to overcome and do not simply fade with time. Damage control and rebranding is absolutely essential if the firm is to survive, let alone rebound and prosper. Failure to do so almost inevitably results in the loss of clients and the Rainmakers who bring them in.  We stop that from happening.

   We provide specific tactics and strategies that have worked successfully for firms that were in need of re-branding.

Advanced Digital Marketing
   Most firms have in-house marketing departments that handle their Social Media and Content Marketing. What they don't have is marketing departments that can identify exactly what they're doing to forward the three tiers of law firm branding & marketing: Firm, Practice Groups & Individual Attorneys. 

   We provide an analysis of current marketing efforts and activities, as well as what specifically should be modified, how and why. We provide a detailed and comprehensive set of campaign strategies & objectives for each tier, as well as the means to measure the success of each program. We also offer Alternative Fee Arrangements that are based solely on the success of the programs implemented.

Programs for Law Firms

Legal Business & Marketing Consulting

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