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Shelton & Steele

"Mr. Shelton has been coming to the base for years now. His program on how to find jobs and interview for them, is the best I've seen in over 20 years as the Director of Personnel. He drives a long way to come here and has helped more of our people get civilian jobs than anyone I know."
Manny T. 
Nellis Air Force Base

Charitable Giving

"All ships rise with the tide"

We don't endeavor to have the largest ship. We strive to be the tide.

Our founder and CEO was once a homeless, starving, suicidal teen. The kindness of a stranger changed his life forever. Since then, his motto has been "All ships rise with the tide". His success would never be his alone. He would find ways to give back, and that is a huge part of the corporate culture at Shelton & Steele.
He and his family carry "Blessing Bags" (pictured above) in their cars. These bags contain basic items like: juice, food bar, clean t-shirt, mini-deodorant, sun glasses and a dollar. Make one yourself!
The first time you give one away, the look on the face of the person you give it to, will inspire you to make more of them.
This is why a portion of every dollar received by S&S, goes to homeless shelters locally and around the country.
Volunteer at a homeless shelter long enough and you'll learn:

Two out of three homeless men are veterans.
Approximately 10% of the homeless are seniors.
Twenty five percent of American children live in poverty and over 15% of the homeless are children.
Depending on the study, estimates are that 20 - 25% of homeless people are employed.

Obviously, Shelton & Steele can't solve this problem but we believe we have a responsibility to do our part. Once upon a time, companies in America contributed to their community. They built parks and funded school libraries. But at most companies nowadays, everything is about the bottom line.
We believe it's time to bring back The Corporate Conscience.

Our policy for successful referrals is to make a check for $5,000 (or a portion of proceeds from small fees) out to a local homeless shelter or other NPO with your name in the memo column.
It's our version of pro bono and what we feel is an appropriate way to express our appreciation.

Where we we have volunteered and / or contributed:

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

3 Squares Food Bank
Turning Point Homeless Shelter

The StoreFront Teen Crisis Center
Music Forward Foundation
USAF Transition Assistance Program

"Frederick showed up one day and just started giving us stuff. Food, supplies and so on.
He and his family came on the 4th of July and brought everyone a lunch of steaks, shrimp, fresh baked bread etc. It was a feast no one had had in a long time.
Issa T.
The Turning Point Homeless Shelter