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Shelton & Steele


1. The best interest of the attorney(s) comes first. Period. Our cients understand the reasoning behind this. We don't "sell" law firms, we provide accurate, real-time data about them so that our candidates can determine which firm offers what they want in both the short and long term.

We don’t recruit attorneys, we represent them.

2. We will never submit your resume or identifying material anywhere, without your prior consent. At S&S, this is grounds for immediate termination.

3. We won’t lie to you. We won't exaggerate or give you a "sales pitch" about potential employers. Every client we have, has both upsides and downsides. What we know, you will know.

4. We will call you within 24 hours of receiving your resume or bio, or your request for us to call you. This includes weekends. Once we begin working together, we will give you the exact timeline of when to expect every follow-up call – even if there is nothing to report at that time.

People Before Profits

   While the law firms and corporations seeking premium talent pay our fees, the attorneys we represent are our first priority. There is nothing more important that you will voluntarily entrust to a professional, than your career. We must be worthy of that trust.

   Our job is to help you leverage what you have now, into something which is clearly superior. Our methodology is different and much more comprehensive than other recruiters. The first thing we’ll do is provide an analysis of factors such as demand level for your practice area, pedigree, client base, soft skills, etc. and let you know what to expect and whether to be more adaptable or aggressive, based on your current market position.

   Then we’ll listen. We need to know exactly what both your short and long term objectives are. We’ll help you identify factors or attributes you might not have thought of but would benefit from evaluating. You’re the brand. Our job is to know exactly who you are, what you want and the most effective strategy to present your narrative to the market.

   Finally we'll provide with a market analysis which includes potential targets and their positives and negatives; as well as firms to be avoided.

   One other note: If your current position couldn’t be any better, please keep us in mind. When someone is kind enough to refer a successfully placed attorney to Shelton & Steele, we make a check for $5,000 out to the local homeless shelter, in their name.”


   “Since I’ve begun working with Shelton & Steele, my income has literally doubled. There is no one I would recommend more highly.

   The idea of leaving BigLaw and a guaranteed paycheck for a virtual firm, was daunting, to say the least! Frederick guided me through every step of the process, including evaluating the portability of my client base, understanding how to run my practice like a business.      

   Frederick has also been an invaluable counsel. When what seemed like the  most difficult business matters and decisions needed to be addressed, his advice made things clear, simple and manageable.”

Knicole Emanuel, Health Care Partner

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