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"Frederick Shelton actually told me to stay put the first time we spoke. Who expects that from a recruiter! But he was right. I was on the cusp of making partner and having that title made it much easier to lateral to another firm with the same title. I trust him implicitly."

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Shelton & Steele

                         You’ve worked hard your whole life to get where you are now.
                         Our primary objective is to protect the most valuable thing you will

                          ever voluntarily entrust to a professional: Your career.
Let’s be frank. Most recruiters are motivated by commission. Their goal is to place you anywhere that will pay them a fee. Thirty days later, they collect a check and you may or may not ever hear from them again.

Our goal is not to place you anywhere unless it offers clearly definable advantages – in both the short and more importantly, long term.
To that end, our methodology is different and more comprehensive. The first thing we'll do is learn what's most important to you. Do you need a stronger footprint? A better brand for your practice area? Do you want to take your practice to the next level? Have more autonomy over rates and how fees are structured? Enjoy a better lifestyle? Are you looking to significantly increase your income?
That a firm is looking for someone like you is unimportant. All that matters is whether the next place you work becomes the best place you’ve worked.
Once you have communicated what’s most important to you, we’ll begin due diligence on your behalf.
Next, we'll offer recommendations and let you know why a particular firm would or would not be a good move for you. You'll get real-time information about the firm, its market position, expertise, support, platform, lifestyle, compensation etc. Once you have determined there are clear advantages to what a specific firm has to offer, we'll share your information with them and coordinate the process of discovery.
Additionally, we'll let you know about the firms you should avoid and why they would be counter to the objectives you've shared with us.  This can be even more important, as there is nothing more costly to an attorney's career, than a bad lateral move.

Unlike our competitors who will encourage attorneys to meet with as many firms possible (which can be overwhelming and counter-productive but increases their chance of a commission), we often provide a long list of firms that candidates should not consider, as such firms would offer no advantage and even be counter to their stated goals.

We have also advised numerous attorneys to stay put for specific reasons and time periods. This is often surprising to them but the reasons why that would be in their best interest, become evident quickly.
Again, our primary objective is to protect you and your career.