You'll quickly be able to assess our bona fides and abilities during a call. This page is to help you understand the differences between our methodology and more importantly, security. 

First & Foremost: If you send us your resume or authorize us to submit a link or other information about you, your information will not be forwarded in any form, nor will your identity be shared electronically, verbally or even as a “blind resume” without your prior authorization via email or text.

Your information will not to be input or stored in any shared databases.  At any time upon your emailed request, Shelton & Steele will delete your resume, internal database file and all other information received or noted about you. We have also required our clients to sign a Data Privacy Addendum stating they will do the same. 

That's basic data privacy. Think about who you are and how important your information is. In addition to multiple locations in the US, many search firms have offices in "Hacking Centers" like  China, Russia & Eastern Europe. This is not the time to have your information distributed through channels where any back office worker or even temp, can get access to it.
There are currently no laws regulating the storage and distribution of resumes and other personal information, in the recruiting industry. Thus our self-regulating policy of protection is best you will find.  We recommend in the strongest possible terms, that you require it from anyone who contacts you about consulting or recruiting.

Your Career.
You’ve worked hard your whole life to get where you are now. Our primary objective is to protect the most valuable thing you will ever voluntarily entrust to a professional: Your Career.

Let’s be frank. Most recruiters are motivated by commission. Their goal is to place you anywhere that will pay them a fee. Thirty days later, they collect a check and you may or may not ever hear from them again.
We won't discuss anything with you unless it offers clearly definable advantages – in both the short and more importantly, long term.
To that end, our methodology is different and more comprehensive. The first thing we'll do is get your assessment of what you have and what would merit consideration. Factors such as footprint, brand value, autonomy, Alternative Fee Arrangements and control over rates, lifestyle and of course, income are analyzed and prioritized per your feedback.
Whether a firm is looking for you, is unimportant. All that matters is whether the next place you work becomes the best place you’ve worked. Once you have communicated what’s most important to you, we’ll begin due diligence on your behalf.
Next, we'll offer recommendations and let you know which firms you want to avoid and why. Finally, we'll make our recommendations for specific firms to consider and what strategic advantage would be offered from the firms recommended.
You'll get real-time information about the firm, its market position, expertise, support, platform, lifestyle, compensation etc. Once you have done your due diligence and determined an opportunity is worth further evaluation, we'll share your information with them and coordinate the process of discovery.
Additionally, we'll let you know about the firms you should avoid and why they would be counter to the objectives you've shared with us.  This can be even more important, as there is nothing more costly to an attorney's career, than a bad lateral move.

We have also advised numerous attorneys to stay put for specific reasons and time periods. This is often surprising to them but the reasons why, become evident quickly. The credibility established through such candor often results in our working with them successfully at a later time.

Finally, there are attorneys who would happiest and most productive by starting their own firm. If that's the case with you, we'll tell you. If you want our help getting started or guidance from the people who have been most successful doing exactly that, we can help.

When All is Said & Done, Only One Thing Matters
When you think about it, it's simple. Are you happy? If not, what would it take for you to be happy? The money, prestige etc. are worthless if you're miserable. We can help you figure out what would get you to that most basic (and often overlooked by attorneys) of human goals: A happy, fulfilling life and career.

"Frederick Shelton actually told me to stay put the first time we spoke. Who expects that from a recruiter! But he was right. I was on the cusp of making partner and having that title made it much easier to lateral to another firm with the same title. I trust him implicitly."

Mark Z.

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