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Change is Coming to The Practice of Law
Are You Ahead of the Market or Falling Behind?

Business & Client Development Consulting
Whether individual attorneys or small to medium sized law firms, we offer immediately applicable business & marketing  strategies and techniques for bringing in clients.

We help our firm clients outline, implement and execute strategic growth.

Our consulting practice provides top to bottom enterprise architecture and constructs for individual attorneys, as well as small to medium sized law firms.
Our proven approach for is so effective, we guarantee it.
If within 30 minutes you're not absolutely certain you've made the best possible investment, we refund your entire retainer. 

Executive Search and Mergers & Acquisitions
At Shelton & Steele, we put the best interest of the attorney(s) first. We would rather tell an attorney to stay put, than put a commission ahead the incredibly valuable careers that are entrusted to us.

We provide candidates with real time data that includes both positives and negatives of potential opportunities, counsel and insights from 24 years of working nationally, and an honest assessment of which firms will not be congruent with their goals.
The result is that in our 24 years in business, we've only had one attorney who wasn't at our client firm two years later (the industry average is a 30% attrition rate).

We Have a Social Conscience
We donate money to charity out of every dollar received. We take time off every month to volunteer for worthy causes. We do everything we can to make sure our success, is not ours alone. There is a saying:

All ships rise with the tide.

We don't strive for the biggest ship. We strive to be the tide.

About Us

"Frederick Shelton has worked with our firm for years now. It was obvious from the beginning that he understood us better than other recruiters. He has placed more partners with us than any other search firm we’ve ever worked with. He has also offered excellent business and marketing counsel which has proved valuable in a variety of ways. I highly recommend him.”

Michael M.  CEO, National Firm


Legal Business & Marketing Consulting

Law Firm Mergers & Lateral Acquisitions


Shelton & Steele