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           Frederick L. Shelton, President and CEO
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Mr. Shelton has over 24 years of experience with Associates, Of Counsel, Partners,

Groups and law firm Mergers & Acquisitions.  While competitors boast about "working

with everyone", Frederick would rather limit the firm's client roster to only those firms that

offer clear and definable advantages to those seeking a change.

The majority of firms are "just more of the same" and the worst places to work, tend to have the most openings. Thus his commitment to working with only the best resulted and whereas S&S once had contracts with over 70 AmLaw's, he declined to renew contracts with all but a few that demonstrate greater rate flexibility, use of AFA's, autonomy, lifestyle options etc.

In addition to talent acquisition, clients benefit from his expertise on strategic growth, individual client development & social media marketing, and personal data analytics. 
Frederick has helped firms and individual attorneys at traditional, boutique, virtual, hybrid and APLE (a term he coined for Alternative Platform Legal Entities) law firms with his "Street Smart" approach to Marketing & Management.

Mr. Shelton is a market disruptor in the legal recruiting industry. He consults, speaks and writes on industry practices which are diametrically opposed to the best interests of both law firms and attorney candidates.

Frederick has held positions at law firms as CMO, as well as Executive Director of an intellectual property boutique. He was the National Director of the legal division of the largest, privately held employment agency in America.

Frederick is an expert coach and champion public speaker. He has competed and won dozens of awards in Toastmaster's Speech Contests, International Speech Contests, Humorous Speech Contests and Stand Up Comedy. He has been a sought after consultant and repeated guest lecturer at the University of San Diego, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UCSD and CSN on subjects which have included:

Client Development for Attorneys
Career Management for Attorneys.
Negotiating Tactics and Strategies
Psychological Profiling for Business

Social Media Marketing for Individual Attorneys

Public Speaking for Professionals

Mr. Shelton has always given to his community, having been a volunteer counselor at The Storefront Teen Crisis Center, Children's Hospital, the Turning Point Homeless Center and as the President of 1 Class at a Time Program. 

Frederick proudly served our country in the U.S. Navy. Since 2013, Frederick has volunteered with the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) at Creech & Nellis Air Force Bases where he teaches resume writing, job research and interviewing techniques.
Frederick and his wife & daughter live just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada.He enjoys volunteering, tennis, golf, writing and playing chess. His book "Street Smarts for Success: From Homeless Teen to All My Dreams" will be available on Amazon, March 2018.

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